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    Monday, October 31, 2005
    Hello all

    Well it's back to work today after the great Go Conference. You know it really was quite fun.. the only downer was that a lot of us didn't sleep well. But.. the food.... man was that good. And the speaking.. and lots of people dedicated their lives to missions in the 10/40.. so it was sweet.

    Anyway, so today i did lots of stuff for the dts outreaches. Mostly trying to figure out plane tickets and money and all. Part of me wishes I was going on outreach with them. But then the other part of me is like oh man i am so glad i am not leading the teams right now. It's so much work! But then the other part is like, yeah but its fun work..and you get to travel and share the Gospel... and then the other is like yeah, thats true..but i am really looking forward to spending time with my family for like 3 weeks at christmas... and then... yeah you get the picture.

    So me of little faith has decided not to take the loan from my parents for my dream computer.. I could've had it! I could've had it like right NOW! but nooooo...... all this faith stuff.... Because there was this tiny moment where i thought i might've heard God speak to me that he would provide for me about this whole computer thing... maybe i should have more faith and expect big things from God. Or maybe it means my old one will just start working again... but then i'd almost be dissapointed cause my old one really sucks....

    hmm.... we'll see i guess. that's enough rambling for now.
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    Friday, October 28, 2005
    We Made It!!

    Well everyone,

    we made it.

    The Go Conference happened... people showed up... the speakers showed up... it was fun!

    more on it later... must rest........
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    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    I've been reading the book, Captivating, by John and Stasi Eldredge. I am only in the second chapter, but something has truly stuck out to me.

    "[This] is what beauty says, All shall be well.
    And this is what it's like to be with a woman at rest, a woman comfortable in her feminine beauty. She is enjoyable to be with. She is lovely. In her presence your heart stops holding it's breath. You relax and believe once again that all will be well."
    This really makes me think... does my very being eminate the fact that all will be well? Quite the opposite actually. Why is it so easy for women to get caught up in the worry and stresses of life, when it is actually the exact opposite of our nature?
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    Friday, October 21, 2005
    Purely Venting

    I need to vent about stuff. These are the things that are stressing me out:

    1. The Go Conference. we are leaving at 9:30 am sunday morning... that's so soon. I don't feel like everything is ready.

    2. This worship conference. I signed up months ago to volunteer at this worship conference, not realising at the time that it was today and tomorrow..right before the Go Conference. So, when i really should be resting because my health is only at like 50% still, i have to be doing registration at a different conference here in vancouver tonight and tomorrow.

    3. My health. I feel like i am stagnant. I am not healing as fast as i would like, there are still soars that are really bothering me and i feel drained of energy. It's been nearly 2 weeks now and i am on all the meds still, so i am confused as to why i am not getting better.

    4. My computer. I was *this* close to getting a new computer today. My parents are willing to do a loan. BUT, this would put me in debt to them, which would last a little while as the computer i am looking at is around $1000. I am getting married in 8 months, and my debt no longer is just my debt, but our debt.

    5. My debt. Because of the stupid car accident 2 years ago, I have a debt of the increase of YWAM Vancouver's insurance which is more than i can even think about. All from one split second.

    6. Wedding Venue. We still don't have a place to hold the wedding. I don't know what to do about this.

    Please pray for me, I need peace from God.
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    Thursday, October 20, 2005
    Wish List
    As many of you know, from my laments on my blog, i am currently computer-less and am definetly wanting a new one. Now, because God is God, i know i can ask him for anything, and then it's up to him whether or not he wants to give it to me. So i know i don't have to feel guilty asking, but i also know that i have everything i need in Him and don't NEED a computer or anything else.

    All that to say, this is the computer that i would like. Not anything too top of the line...since i am not some huge computer whiz, but i would like to convert to a mac. The top one is only $999 usd and you can get it in monthly installments as low as $23 a month! That's really not that bad.

    Anyone want to support me $23 dollars a month for a new computer?? :)
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    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Hey Guys,

    havent posted in a couple days because i havent had much access to a computer. I am feeling pretty tired today, all i want to do is sleep but i had to work at the crisis centre and then we have worship practice tonight for the Go Conference so i am just sitting around the office till dinner....

    Hmm not much to say really. Just wanted to get a new post on. I guess I can comment on my doc's appt the other day. It didn't go as smoothly as I had been hoping, but they are pretty sure i have something called Behcet's Disease. You can click on that and read about it if you'd like.

    take care,
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    Saturday, October 15, 2005
    thank God for friends, and thank hannah for this picture
    I am feeling a bit better today. Less swollen from the biopsy, but still swollen. Just wanted to give a shout out to a few people. these 2 girls here, Henri and jessi, have been amazing. Henri has made me food, tea, coffee, got me groceries, meds from the drug store, put blankets and hats on me when i've been cold, watched movies with me, let me use her comptuer..i could probably go on forever, but i just want to say thank you Henri for treating me so good.

    Jessi, i want to say thank you so much for sitting through these weird doctor visits and holding my hand through the really painful (and gross) parts. Thank you for taking me to get all my meds i need, and waiting with me and praying for me. I love you.

    Craig, you've stood by my me so much, i have never questioned your love for me. thank you for taking risks and interceding for me. You are my hero.

    Pamcake, thank you for taking me to the hospital and waiting endless hours for me. And thank you that you that you and Audge came back to get me and help me find out what was going on. You guys rally blessed me.

    YWAM family - thank you for your prayers and phone calls, it was so good to see all your familiar faces on whatever day that was, and to feel your prayers so deeply. i love you guys.
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    Friday, October 14, 2005
    discovery channel
    I got to watch on a little screen while the doctor cut off part of my body!!!

    well, that sounds a bit dramatic...maybe something audrey would say ;) But serioulsly, i did... it was only a tiny little biopsy but it sure wasn't pretty!

    So, once again I am waiting, and once again i am sore...even more soar now but atleast i know what the extra soreness is from.

    Thank you guys all so much for your support.. i can't tell you how good it was to come and get prayer from my ywam family yesterday, and the phone calls and emails, etc... thanks guys you've really helped lesson some of the pain.

    I'll keep you posted (without going into any detail so no one faints while reading my blog ;) but if you want to know just give me a call!!!
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    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Well this is me in a nutshell.... Today has been interesting. I have gone back and forth from extremely high tempuratures, where i am sweating all over and wearing minimal clothing with a fan blowing on me, to the worst case of chills i have ever experienced. Like my whole body was convulsing and i was under both my comforter and henris, with a hat on and slippers and a hoody, etc... The only way i was able to get myself out of the shakes was from getting into a hot bath for a while..which i might have to do again now seeing as i am starting to recognize the feelings before i get the chills.

    Does anyone here in vancouver have a humidifier? I need to borrow one badly. please let me know. Thanks... night..
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    Wednesday, October 12, 2005
    a few things
    k i want to say a few things but i have to do it quick because i need to stop staying up so late.

    1. I'm sick... and it sucks.

    2. Did anyone catch Oprah today??? She is my hero...

    3. I love my fiance, he's been serving me and taking care of me.

    4. Did anyone see SVU tonight??? holy crap stabler finally cracked!

    5. I have a great roomate (henri).

    that's all for now.. hopefully be back in the game by the weekend.
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    Monday, October 10, 2005
    Please tell me you've seen this movie... and if you haven't, then please do. Some may not like it, infact i have heard of 2 people that don't. But i think it is one of the most thought provoking movies i have ever seen. It makes you think... a lot...or atleast, it should.

    feel free to write your comments on the movie if you've seen it. I am interested.
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    Sunday, October 09, 2005
    Lately I have been dreaming about weddings... sometimes it's my own, sometimes someone elses, sometimes it switches back and forth. It's very bizarre but makes sense, as i definetly have wedding on my brain....just coming back from Leigh and Anges has really made me start grasping better what i need to get done and think about.

    Yesterday i got my dress and had to fight the excitement of coming home and posting a picture of it on my blog. So i'll post someone elses picture cause its funny. Well, off to bake some green bean cassorole...mmmm
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    Friday, October 07, 2005
    you'd never beleive what happened to me today...

    as you know, my computer broke last week...traumatic, i know. I've been wondering what i can do about it (which is really nothing) but you know, still wondering, praying, asking God for a new computer.

    So, this morning, i come to work and there is this message in my box that says 'to Jamie, from Ron Platt, money for computer coming". No more info, no number to call. My first question was, 'who the heck is ron platt?' And then i just about fainted because i was like.. how did he know i needed money for a new computer??? i was dumbfounded...

    to make a long story short, i lived in ecstasy for about 3 hours untill i talked to someone who know this ron platt guy. I find out that he actually mistook my name for another person that used to be on staff (named rhonda....?) and the money was for the Mission Adventures computer that broke a month or so ago. I was crushed...

    What a weird coincidence.
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    Thursday, October 06, 2005
    lamentations of jamie porter
    well the time has come...

    my fearless little computer has bit the dust. Seriously... it wont even turn on anymore. What am I gonna do? All my work is on there..my music, my pictures. Thank God I backed up most of it last week. But still... i've had that computer since i graduated high school... and i dont have any money to even get it looked at. ughhhhh

    I had a crappy day today... walked 20 minutes to the crisis centre at noon, only to realize that i didnt have to be there till 2...so i walked back to the office...then back to the crisis centre at 1:30...then realized i had forgotten my bus tickets and credit card so i had to walk the hour home after 4 hours on the lines at 6pm..got home at 7 - best part of my day: cooked an omelet and sat down to watch law and order SVU. Now here i am on my housemate's computer, lamenting. You know sometimes you just have those kinds of days...

    Well, i will try to keep up with my blogging as i have prided myself in my ability to keep you all updated. But, without my computer i dont know how often i will be able to post. I can use the computers at the office, but only the ones not passworded..ugh i need to go to bed.
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    Sunday, October 02, 2005
    on the hunt
    Pretty good day today...slept in, took it easy this morning. Ate lunch at craig's, then went with Mike and Jessi to look at 'Morgan Creek', a golf course and potential place to hold the wedding. I think it's at the top of the list now..its just expensive so we have to choose wisely. We might just end up going for it..who knows.. Here's a few pics. Gotta go to bed.
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    Saturday, October 01, 2005
    pic time
    Hey all,
    i know you've just been dying to see pics from the last little while... so here you go ;)
    This one is of Jessi and I, singing a few songs at the 'coffee shop' before ange and leigh's wedding last weekend.

    Emily, lindsey, me, heather, jessi, and audge... chillin' at the wedding.

    Praying for them during the ceremony.

    It was a nice time even though we spent most of it driving there and back... gave me some good ideas.
    On that note, tomorrow Craig and I along with our good friends Mike and Jessi will be going to check out yet another posibility for a place to hold the wedding... not having the greatest luck with that but i am having good luck with finding a dress..! I've narrowed it down to 2...just have to pick one of them.

    Anyway, it's time for bed... sleep... i love it...
    posted by jamie @ 3:27 AM   1 comments

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