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    Thursday, October 06, 2005
    lamentations of jamie porter
    well the time has come...

    my fearless little computer has bit the dust. Seriously... it wont even turn on anymore. What am I gonna do? All my work is on there..my music, my pictures. Thank God I backed up most of it last week. But still... i've had that computer since i graduated high school... and i dont have any money to even get it looked at. ughhhhh

    I had a crappy day today... walked 20 minutes to the crisis centre at noon, only to realize that i didnt have to be there till 2...so i walked back to the office...then back to the crisis centre at 1:30...then realized i had forgotten my bus tickets and credit card so i had to walk the hour home after 4 hours on the lines at 6pm..got home at 7 - best part of my day: cooked an omelet and sat down to watch law and order SVU. Now here i am on my housemate's computer, lamenting. You know sometimes you just have those kinds of days...

    Well, i will try to keep up with my blogging as i have prided myself in my ability to keep you all updated. But, without my computer i dont know how often i will be able to post. I can use the computers at the office, but only the ones not passworded..ugh i need to go to bed.
    posted by jamie @ 12:02 AM  
    • At 8:58 AM, October 07, 2005, Anonymous Lucy said…

      Poor James!

      Could be worse - could have sat down excitedly to watch svu only to discover that you live in ireland and that you are so far behind that you are now watching the one's you saw in canada - including the one with Shannon Sossoman where it doesn't tell you how it ends. I watched it again anyway - and it still didn't tell me! the cheek of it!

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