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    Friday, December 29, 2006
    I can't believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly. It's amazing really. Craig and I have already been married for 6 months!

    Anyway.. I thought I'd give a little update on where I am at with going back to school. Right now, my number one choice is to apply at Niagara University, which is located pretty much right on the boarder of the US and Canada, though on the US side. It's very close to Brock, which is where Craig will probably go, so we will live somewhere in between. Niagara University, to me, looks like a very awesome school. It's small (I think about 3300 people total), and it's got a major that I would love to have, which is called a Bachelor of Arts/Social Science. This is a degree with a mix of social work, psychology, criminology, and the like - a combination of all the areas that really interest me! The only problem is that it is a private Christian school, which means it is EXpensive!

    But...that's where being an American comes in handy. The goverment really helps you out with tuition if you don't make a lot of money...so, I am really hoping to qualify for lots and lots of financail aide. I can't do anything until January when I get my taxes stuff ready, but once I have that, I can apply for the federal aide which will help me make my decision as to which school to apply to.

    All this waiting is hard...but I am trying to just be patient and do my part. I am definetly feeling better about it than the last time I posted about schools, so that's good!

    Anyway, that's all I have to say about that. Peace.
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    Monday, December 25, 2006
    Christmas with the Church's
    Here we are trying Craig's homebrew that he opened last night on Christmas eve. I must admit, for a non-beer drinker, it was quite good!This is Zoe, Craig's cousin's little girl. Some of you may remember her from our wedding, she was only a few weeks old at the time. We went over to their house for Christmas Eve and had a wonderful time!
    Here's what our tree looked like at 9:00 am. Didn't last long!!

    new hat and beer book : )

    I've been dreaming of a 'Grey' christmas!
    Porter Family Tradition - pillsbury cinnimon rolls for breakfast

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    Saturday, December 23, 2006
    mean santa!
    I had to post this pic... it was so funny. It is my friend Sarah's baby, with Santa... Poor little arawyn!
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    Saturday, December 16, 2006
    I am a posting MACHINE
    Hey Everyone, I finally got this video on the web. It's the one my dad made for our wedding, with pics from us growing up and everything. It's pretty awesome. So for those of you who didn't get to be there, (or if you want to see it again), check it out!

    Just press the play button, it should play right there on your screen. The first 10 sencons is just music, so don't think it's not playing.

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    Friday, December 15, 2006
    now it feels like Christmas
    So apparently there's this author named Kitty Kelley, who writes biographies on celebs that supposedly reveal their dark sides, or their 'not so glamorous side'. And her next culprit was none other than Oprah Winfrey! Check this out:

    "Though she's reportedly been digging for dirt on Winfrey for two months, Kelley told the Washington Post she has yet to come up with anything negative on the host."

    LOL...that just really makes me laugh. Read the short article here, if you want to know more.

    In other news, today I decided to make our home alittle more christmassy. I have 5 tree ornaments: 1&2. blue christmas balls that say 'Jamie' and 'Craig', given to us last year at American thanksgiving from Jo, 3. Frodo, 4. Gandolf, and 5. Maggie from the Simpsons. Sweet.......Take a look. (If you click on the last pic, you can zoom in on the sweet ornaments)
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    Tonight Craig and I got to go see Santa! Actually, we know Santa.. he was being played by our dear friend Don Neufeld and I cannot believe I forgot to bring my camera!! Would've been awesome pics, especially for those of you who know Don. He looked great though. It was funny because we went into the mall and saw him right away, so we decided we should be discreet about the fact that we knew him and not yell 'hey don!' or whatever, because you know, he was suppose to be Santa.. and then he saw us and was like "HEY GUYS" and waved, with kids on his lap. It was funny. Then he made us come and sit on his lap! Man I wish I would've had pics of that... Here is one of Don from our wedding.. you can sort of picture it ;)

    Anyway not too much has been happening. I mostly just work, go to the gym, pick up Craig, eat dinner, watch TV, then go to bed. Then I wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Pretty routine. Not bad at all.

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    Sunday, December 10, 2006
    little me

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    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    Well, today we went up to the mountain, FINALLY, and then the weather was so bad up there we did one run and came home... how lame is that? It was like pelting hale at my face and it was foggy and ugh.... not cool. Craig didn't have goggles, but he would've stuck it out if I wanted to, but i just couldn't do it. We have a car now so it's not like we took at 1.5 hour bus ride or anything, so I think that made it easier to leave. But I am dissapointed because I was really excited!!

    Maybe next weekend... but I was happy to see that I could still snowboard. It felt like no time had passed since last season! Miss all you boarding buddies though, it wont be the same without you!
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    Friday, December 08, 2006
    The other night I found all my old journals. I used to keep a journal from the age of about 16 - 21 or so, i recorded my joy and my pain, and lots and lots of prayers... and it's such an odd feeling going back and reading through them. I started reading one from around December 2000 to June 2001. What a crazy time in my life that was! I find that the past few nights as I've been reading through it, I've been overcome with both sadness, and laughter... actually, I've laughed out loud - a lot, and have even had to read some sentences to Craig because they are so funny.. I really was full of drama back then. (yes, i said back then.. i heard that!)

    Like the one time where i wrote in all seriousness, well sort of, that "Mrs. _____ is satan's daughter!" (anyone from that era want to venture a guess as to whom I was referring to ;)

    Or the time that I took out all my peircings because I felt like God told me too...and how free I felt.. it was an awesome time for me.

    Or the time my best friend Sarah and I baptised ourselves by jumping into the lake with all our clothes on! Serioulsy...we just totally ran and jumped right off the dock... Wow how amazing was that!?

    But it also is filled with a lot of pain... Right in the middle of this time frame was a horrific car accident that shook all of our lives. It changed us all, sometimes I believe for the better, and sometimes not. In my journal, you can see a difference in my entries before and after that January 26th, 2001.

    Thinking about all these things feels weird - like it was a movie I watched or something, you know? I mean, life is sooo different from High School, yet at the time, it felt like everything. But I have to say that it was truly and honestly was the Lord who brought me through all the good and the hard times, and has shaped me into who I am...and will continue shaping me, and us all, as time goes on.

    Hallelujah, Grace like rain
    falls down on me
    Hallelujah, all my stains

    are washed away
    are washed away
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    Tuesday, December 05, 2006
    Lately I have really been looking into Universities and Colleges that I could possibly attend for the fall, and it is proving to be quite difficult. There are amazingly 6 different schools in the Niagara area, but each location brings hurdles that I just don't see any way around. For example, there are 2 schools on the Canadian side, but both will only take me as an International student, which means the tuition is double what a Canadian would pay, and just simply out of the question. There are 4 schools on the US side, but all would consider me 'Out of State' which once again raises the tuition, as well as the hassle with courses transferring to Canadian universities.

    The other problem is that we both will need to be working while we are going to school, and if I go to school in Canada, I cannot even apply for a student work visa until I have been enrolled and going to school for a minimum of 6 months.. So what on earth would we do for the first 6 months?

    Ugh it's so frustrating.. I can work in the states but commuting to work and go to school 30 miles a day would be so hard and I would never be home! I pretty much spent the better part of this day on the phone back and forth with these schools. Please if you think of it, pray for direction for Craig and I as we try to do what we feel is best for our future. We both really want to go to school to get our degrees as soon as possible... the idea of waiting another year (or 2!) till I get my Canadian Residency just isn't at all what we want. Plus, what would I do? I couldn't work in Canada anyway. I just don't think that's realistic.

    Anyway, sorry for my ranting. Not as fun as talking about TV shows that's for sure!
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    Friday, December 01, 2006
    It's that time again
    Due to the request of my dear friend Heather, who, unlike many, understands my TV addiction, I'd like to have another discussion of last night's Grey's Anatomy. Now, you all know that there will be no new episodes in December, right? It's true.. all reruns. So i hope you didn't miss it last night. If you did, here is a synopsis: Grey Matter

    Here are my thoughts:

    First of all... this show is never long enough for me. I find that I don't really look at the clock much but then when i do, there's always only 5 minutes left. Lame.. It just really captivates you and gets you all wrapped up in the character's drama.. And i do love drama!

    SO. First of all, YAY for Izzie. She gets to be close to surgery again, AND we see a glimpse that McSteamy actually has a heart (he's craig's fave character btw). AND we see another glimpse that he and derek might be able to have a frienship again (that little moment after the surgery, did ya see it?)

    Second, I felt so bad for Cristina in this episode.. because she's really lonely i think, and throughout the whole episode she keeps telling meredith to leave her alone, but then at the end she finally lets down her walls and realizes she needs Mer. I loved that moment! Going into the elevator with Burke though - I have to be honest, I kind of didn't want her to... I kind of wanted Burke to be the one to come to her first..but maybe this just shows that she is more mature in a way. They've come this far - i wanted to see a TV relationship last through some rough times, so I think it was a step in the right direction.

    Another thing that stood out to me was Addison and Meredyth. Can i just say I LOVE addy? She's definetly my favorite character I think. And I wasn't around in the first 2 seasons to really see the side of her that people didn't like so it's probably easier for me to like her. But I do know a bit of the history, and to see her working with Meredith and actually caring about her feelings with seeing her step mom and step sister, was really great. (I guess it kind of broke when Mer was high on pain killers and she and addy had a heart to heart - remember that scene?? I loved it!)

    Anyway, I've got lots of thoughts on this, but I want to hear from you. What did you think?

    Oh one more thing..did anyone notice that the casts' hair was all different last night? It was weird.. Izzie's bangs looked bigger, callie's hair looked smaller, and there were a few more... weird.
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