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    Monday, January 26, 2009
    In Remembrance
    Today is an anniversary of something I haven't talked about in a long time, but for some reason this year I feel I should. I feel I should remind people about two lives that were taken 8 years ago on this day. These years have passed by so quickly for me, but for the two families that lost their son/brother I am sure that is not the case. I warn you that this is not going to be one of my normal posts, however I feel it is important.

    8 years ago today, we were let out of school early because of snow, which was exciting because that meant our church youth group could leave earlier for our trip down to Winterblast. I was one of the drivers in a line of cars all filled with excited youth off to a weekend of fun. It was me, my best friend Sarah in the passenger seat, and 2 really hyper young boys in the back seat. Cody, 14, was one of my bass players on our youth worship team and was hilarious. Andy, 13, I had recently gotten to know from an earlier trip to mexico, he was a really sweet kid. They both had pretty big, incredibly loving and caring families that all went to our church. About 30 min away from our destination, my car slipped on some ice throwing us into oncoming traffic. My car was literally torn in 2, the front half going into the ditch and the back half was thrown about 40 feet away. Cody and Andy were both killed, Sarah and I walked out of it basically unscathed.

    I was looking through my old journals just now, trying to find my pictures I have of Cody and Andy. I can't find the photos, they must be in a box somewhere, but I came across a journal entry I wrote on April 16, 2001, less than three months after the accident.

    As my mind unwillingly flows in and out of the accident, I feel the car slipping on the ice... I hear myself shouting for everyone to hold on...I see the other car coming. I know something is not right. I close my eyes as I give up control to nature. My ears ring as I hear the crash. The sound stays in my ears to this day. I remember the dusty air bag, I remember the cracked windshield and the wipers still going back and forth. I remember just staying...how long did it take for me to realize that my life and many others would never from that day on be the same? I finally look to the right of me...Sarah...she is breathing...panicking. I unbuckle myself and then get her out of her seat belt that is choking her...and then, we realize.

    Scanned from my Journal, written Feb 5th 2001
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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009
    Wow a whole month of not posting! And that was over my break even! Crazy... well unfortunately I think blogging just for the sake of blogging is not what what it used to be.

    Here's my thoughts on the way communication has gone with my generation:
    first it started out as writing letters. I remember as a kid writing and mailing and receiving letters from friends who lived far away. Then when I was about 13 or 14 I got my first email address: ilovejesus4@hotmail.com. Awesome! Bye bye letters, hello email - still writing individually to people though. This one held out for a really long time as the main way of communication, but then the whole blog thing came about where you could update the masses in one post, as opposed to emailing them personal letters or even newsletter updates. The blog way of communicating with friends was fun and lasted about 2 years - and the personal part of it came with commenting on each other's posts. But, again technology advances and now I believe that the main way of communicating with the masses has now dwindled down into our one sentence facebook status. "Jamie: just got back from vacation and had a blast" or "Jamie: is sick of snow" or Jamie: wants to play World of Warcraft instead of doing homework". The first one is not true (wish it was!) but the others are :)

    Anyway thats my thoughts on that. All that to say - everyone should have facebook so you can know what I am doing/thinking/feeling and I can know what you are doing/thinking/feeling by our status updates.

    So now that that's out of the way, life for me is pretty mundane. I work a lot less now - even though the business of christmas was crazy for me, I was at least working 40 hours then and now this week I only have 20 because the store is dead. The whole mall is dead really. It really stinks! Work is okay, although now that my responsibilty has increased so much it's definitely not quite as fun as it used to be. It's a lot more work now. But it's pretty good. School started this week, I am taking 3 classes: Human Development, Human Services Delivery, and Attachment and Identity. So far all three seem very interesting, I especially am excited about my Attachment class.

    And WoW is going great - got to level 44 today! Let me know if you wanna try it out, I'll send you a friend - referral email with a 10 day trial. It's such a blast! Well, I will leave you with a screen cap of me (my character) flying from one city to another. See how fun it looks? :) For all my friends who like Lord of the Rings and things like that, watch the trailer for the game here - it might pique your interest :)
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