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    Wednesday, September 28, 2005
    Hello all...

    I havent been able to post lately because I am not actually staying at my house. My roomate has a friend here from England so I am staying with the Parizeaus..therefore i dont have my computer blah blah... plus i feel like i have been so busy lately... with all the driving for the wedding, and planning of my own.. but it's mostly fun stuff.. we went shopping for wedding dresses yesterday and it was really cool. I am pretty sure i found the 2 that i will pick from. We'll see... and there's lots of little going away parties/welcome DTSers parties/birthday parties in the next few days so i am wondering when i will be able to just rest...
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    Monday, September 26, 2005
    Pictures coming soon... Well we have arrived back to Vancouver from our road trip to saskatchewan for Leigh and Angela's wedding. It was a lot of driving for only being there a day and a half but it was a very nice wedding. I got lots of cool ideas as well - thanks ange! :)

    Got some cool pics but I am not at home till the 29th so I will post more then.
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    Saturday, September 17, 2005
    meet randy
    Hello everyone, let me introduce you to Randy Parizeau. We have asked him to be the officiate at our wedding, and he said yes! (yay!) Randy is our former director and founder of YWAM Vancouver, as well as a good buddy of ours. WE are honored to have him marry us and i think everyone will appreciate his great personality.

    We still havent found a venue yet... unfortunantly we've been incredibly busy with the staff retreat last week and this week I will be out of town for another wedding. But, in the meantime we will be working on it.

    Hope all is well. Peace, Jamie
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    Friday, September 16, 2005
    home again

    This is Rebecca Davies. She is one of the cutest babies I have ever known and she makes me smile every time I see her!

    Just got back today from our week long staff retreat, though we were only 'away' since wednesday. We stayed at the Mariott in Richmond, which was pretty nice. Being away with my YWAM famiy was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work during our meetings and stuff. But i think we really grew a lot and got some things sorted out that will make life better at the base. I was personally challenged in many ways and and really enjoyed the speaker. One thing i didn't get though was a lot of sleep, which i will attempt to catch up on as soon as I save this post.
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    Tuesday, September 13, 2005
    Today I am reminded of the verse somewhere in the Bible that says something like this;
    "even youth grow tired, and young men grow weary, but those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will rise on wings like eagles, they will walk but not faint..."
    I feel like i need to remind myself of this tonight as i am feeling very weary. We are currently in the middle of a week long staff retreat that is proving to be quite emotional and draining at the moment. Lots of emotions and stuff to deal with...I am tired and havent been sleeping well so I am feeling especially fragile.

    I will wait on the Lord.
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    Saturday, September 10, 2005
    countdown begins
    Yesterday Henri and I started our countdown for the 4th movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to come out in theatres.

    We are really excited ;)

    Tomorrow (sat) craig is taking me to the Golf tournament. I have never been to anything golfy before so i am looking forward to checking it out, as well as seeing my boy in his element. And even though i don't know anything about golf, I want to go because i know he'd go to an SVU convention with me...cause he's just that kind of guy. (if anyone ever hears of an SVU convention, let me know!!!)

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    Thursday, September 08, 2005
    rescue 911?
    What a morning henri and I had...

    it started out relaxing, as we were going to breakfast with another staff (pam). So, around 9:45am we are waiting around to be picked up when we start to hear yelling from across the hall. There was a guy that was screaming and swearing at a girl. We couldn't see what was going on but it was getting so bad that I decided I had to call the police..

    what wasSo, I dial 911 and tell them what is going on (as well as a billion other questions including my birthday..weird) The yelling which then turned into loud bangs and crashes only worsened. Our land lord happened to be inspecting our roof at the time so we got him to go out there and see going on. He said the guy had broken down the door and the girl was shaking and bloody. Unfortunantly she left with the guy before the police got there. I am upset that the police took so long - atleast 20 minutes went by after we called them. So i don't know if he was caught or what. But i had to talk to the cops for a while and give a statement while poor pam waited and waited for us to come down..

    what an interesting start to my day!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, and we just caught another mouse. It committed suicide by running off the deck and falling down 6 floors....suckah.....
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    Tuesday, September 06, 2005
    not welcome
    we have a mouse in our house...

    actually, we got rid of one the day before yesterday and now i have just seen another one. It's so tiny, if it wasnt running free in my house i'd think it was cute and would have it as a pet. But there is something so uncomfortable about knowing there is a tiny rodent lurking in your living room...

    How will i ever sleep tonight???
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    Monday, September 05, 2005
    a day from...
    today was interesting... Craig and I went to 'port moody' to check out another Golf club for a possible wedding venue, and due to the fact that it was SUNDAY, busses out there practically stop running...so we had an appt. at the golf club at 12pm...k so we left my house at like 10:45am, got to the sky train stop at a decent hour only to find out that the bus we needed only comes once an hour on sundays, and of course we missed the one we shoud have taken at 11:08..nope instead we had to sit at the bus stop till 12:10 where we would board this bus, to only take us to another bus that would take us to the golf club.....

    so, obviously we were quite late...got to the course around 12:40, left by1 (didnt really care for the club...) K, remember that... we left the golf course BY 1 PM..... and henri can vouch for this, i didnt walk in the door untill 4:30pm.... that is how long it took us to get home. I hate public transit and i hate port moody!

    luckily i have am marrying an amazing man who knows how to handle me.
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    Saturday, September 03, 2005
    girl power
    The past few nights have been pretty fun. We've had girl nights while our boys have had poker nights, where they don't allow a female presence to be even romotely near them while they are gambling their laundry money away. But it's fun when they all get together because it means we girls can get together and do the one thing we all do best, EAT!!!!!!!!! And i just can't help but to break my diet every fricken time! But how can i not?? With lindsey's amazing baking, heather's savory deights, the inevitable chocolate that comes out of no where, sugar sugar sugar! I always go into some sort of sugar high within minutes because i try to go most of my week without ANY sugar and then i get sugar overload! But oh is it worth it... i love my girls :)
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    Thursday, September 01, 2005
    more chaos than order
    it's the end of the world as we know it...

    I just can't believe what is going on in the south...the disaster and now the looting and shooting of the authorities..what is going on? It's complete chaos and anarchy. Last night we watched 'Hotel Rwanda' and that put me over the top - we live in such a fallen world.
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