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    Friday, October 21, 2005
    Purely Venting

    I need to vent about stuff. These are the things that are stressing me out:

    1. The Go Conference. we are leaving at 9:30 am sunday morning... that's so soon. I don't feel like everything is ready.

    2. This worship conference. I signed up months ago to volunteer at this worship conference, not realising at the time that it was today and tomorrow..right before the Go Conference. So, when i really should be resting because my health is only at like 50% still, i have to be doing registration at a different conference here in vancouver tonight and tomorrow.

    3. My health. I feel like i am stagnant. I am not healing as fast as i would like, there are still soars that are really bothering me and i feel drained of energy. It's been nearly 2 weeks now and i am on all the meds still, so i am confused as to why i am not getting better.

    4. My computer. I was *this* close to getting a new computer today. My parents are willing to do a loan. BUT, this would put me in debt to them, which would last a little while as the computer i am looking at is around $1000. I am getting married in 8 months, and my debt no longer is just my debt, but our debt.

    5. My debt. Because of the stupid car accident 2 years ago, I have a debt of the increase of YWAM Vancouver's insurance which is more than i can even think about. All from one split second.

    6. Wedding Venue. We still don't have a place to hold the wedding. I don't know what to do about this.

    Please pray for me, I need peace from God.
    posted by jamie @ 7:34 PM  
    • At 12:52 PM, October 22, 2005, Anonymous jason said…

      Jamie! did you know your latest entry was posted three times? Oh well. I love you sooo much! I know times are hard, but you know God is so proud of you, and so am i! Im really excited for your wedding, and i wish you nothing but happiness! call me sometime. :) love you


    • At 9:58 AM, October 24, 2005, Blogger Angel said…

      hey babe - you are in my thoughts and prayers - a lot..really....I really hope that you find the rest you need to be well...God is with us - that's cool

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