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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    Rest in Peace, Renee. I hope you know how many people all around the world were praying for you tonight. We'll see you in heaven.

    In the words of her family, "7:25 pm Renee promoted from pain into glory"


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    okay okay..
    Wow, I think this is the longest I've gone without a new post! Well... I tried to write one while in Ohio but the internet there wasn't working very well. We had a very nice time visiting with my family - ate good food as usual, played lots of games (well, lots of one particular game), Craig watched a lot of HDTV sports, and visited my brother at his college. Here are some pics from our time. Other than that, just getting back into the swing of things. I've worked the last 2 days and tonight I need to do a lot of homework. I don't like thinking this way but I'm sort of just wishing time would go by fast.... there's nothing that interesting happening in these cold winter months and I'm sick of the snow and homework. Also, we really want to move and that wont happen till may... I've always desired to attempt to live in the moment, but it's not that easy right now to keep that mindset. Oh I did finish the Kite Runner book and movie - would love to hear the thoughts of anyone whose both read/seen the book and movie! I have a lot of thoughts but don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Okay that's all for now, will try and get some posts up more regularly now.


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    Tuesday, February 12, 2008
    posting posting...
    Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm just really busy with monotonous things like work and school. That's pretty much all I do. The last bit of interesting news was about being able to move out, which comes at a good time because tensions are running high with our current landlady. Let's just say she isn't sorry to see us going, either, so that she can find some little young student who won't stand up to her traipsing through their space whenever she wants. She made the mistake of assuming we were both gone at 9 am on Sunday because the car was gone (I had already went to work) but Craig was home and sleeping; down came Gladys, walking right past our bedroom, through the kitchen and into the Laundry room. It was a good thing I wasn't there because unlike my husband, I do have a mean bone in my body.

    On to cheerier things; we are going to Ohio next week to visit my family. I am really looking forward to seeing them and taking a break from work (too bad I can't take a break from school!). We will be gone from Sunday to Friday, barring the weather is okay. It's a blizzard today and we've had mass cancellations of schools on and off the past 2 weeks. Today is another one of those days I guess!

    On to more interesting things; in my photoshop class I am learning how to retouch photos. Here was my first attempt. If you have any old photos you want retouched, send them my way and I'll see what I can do!




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    Sunday, February 03, 2008
    Guess what - we get to move to a new house on May 1st! Yay!

    Here's the story... Craig's dad has wanted to buy a home here in St. Catharines that he could rent out to students and have us live there as well, to sort of manage the place. We've been looking every weekend at different houses for the past month, but there was never one that was perfect the for set up we needed (separate entrances, separate kitchens, etc.). But last week we looked at one that, at first glance, did not seem like it could work. Ater looking at it a while though we figured out a way to make it so that Craig and I could live on the main floor and essentially be cut off from the basement and upstairs, which could be made into one 4 bedroom "house" for students to live in. It's hard to imagine but to make a long story short, the house is now officially owned by my pops-in-law and we are moving in May 1st! I'm so excited to get out of this tiny little basement suite with the over-bearing land lady. Here's some pics of our part of the house:

    Front of House

    Back of House with garage
    Dining room with Window!Rest of Kitchen

    Living room with HUGE window!There's 2 bedrooms on our floor, each pretty big. Best of all though is that there is lots of light. Living in a dark basement has been harder than I ever could've imagined it would be. Also, we don't have a private entrance and our land lady is constantly coming through our apartment to do laundry or get something. This new home is like a dream come true for me, and because the home is owned by Craig's parents, we will have so much more freedom to decorate and landscape and really make it our own. Very exciting!

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