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    Thursday, June 26, 2008
    Wisconsin Part 1
    Well as you know by now, I spent all last week in both Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So this post is about the first 4 days in which I spent with my dear dear friends, Mike and Jessi, and their wee little oat, Kael. It was a very relaxing and invigorating time, filled with reminiscing and discussing deep issues as we always do when we're together. We drank lots of starbucks and shopped at all Gap Inc stores where we used our employee discounts to the max! We also stayed up late and watched a lot of jon and kate plus 8, and a rather fascinating documentary about gay christian worship leaders. During one afternoon Jessi and I went down to the farmer's market on the square and walked around state st, which was a blast from the past for me as I used to live just outside of Madison before I moved to Tomahawk. It was a great trip that I wish could have lasted even longer and I hope that not too much time passes before we get to see each other again!

    Mom and son lounging in the yard

    At the capitol of Wisconsin

    LOVE this kid!

    He is laughing there... even though it looks like he's crying.

    Typical father and son rough play! Mike is so fun to watch as a dad.

    A nice afternoon at the park by their house.

    Don't bother me I'm watching Curious George

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    Tuesday, June 24, 2008
    2 Years!
    I know I owe you lots of posts and pics from my trip...but I'm going to put them on hold for now, because today is our 2nd anniversary! That's right - it was 2 years ago today where I committed myself to my best friend and life has not been the same since. I love you Craig, thanks for making me laugh and protecting me and loving me and cherishing me and respecting me. I look forward to this next year with you as well as the rest of our years together!

    And just in time for our 2 year anniversary is never-seen-before pics from our wedding! My friend Steph, who just got married last weekend, FINALLY gave me her pics from our wedding when I went to see her in Milwaukee. So - enjoy reminiscing with me and seeing these great shots she got!
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    Monday, June 23, 2008
    Coming Soon...
    New posts about my trip are on their way! I will do them in 2 parts, first my time in Madison with Mike and Jessi, and second, the wedding. For now if you have facebook, check out my album with pics.
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    Saturday, June 14, 2008
    Thunder and Lightening and Rain, Oh My!
    I know, another post already! But I was thinking about something and I felt like it would be a good thing to blog about. I also captured some cool lightening and thunder on my camera last night and wanted to show it (only a minute long but its pretty cool)...

    But anyway, today at work one of my coworkers mentioned something about how they had taken religion class in high school, which started a short conversation that went something like this:

    J: "You went to a Christian School?"
    S: "Yeah, catholic"
    J: "So are you a catholic?"
    S: "I guess. Are you?"
    J: " I'm a non-denominational Christian, not catholic"
    S: "Oh yeah that's right, you love church"

    Which made me laugh. Because those of you who really know me know that I would probably never classify myself as one who "loves church". And after sort of chuckling to myself, the conversation stopped there and we went about our business. But it got me thinking. And if I were to replay that moment, this is what I would have said. Well, to be honest I probably wouldn't have. But this is what I wish I would have said, and feel like saying now.

    I don't love church. I love God. Because he saved me from depression, anxiety, people pleasing, insomnia, an autoimmune disorder. He saved me from missing out on precious moments with my parents and brother, from losing good friends even though we live so far away, from loneliness and from losing skills even though I don't practice as much as I should or don't always use them to his Glory. And, he saved me from death, real death, and also hell. And I praise him for that. And S, if you ever get to read this (which I doubt you will), know that it is not church I love, but God.

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    Thursday, June 12, 2008
    A Little Update
    hmmm lets see..

    I reread harry potter 7, loved every minute of it, and cried when it was over, again.
    I FINALLY started reading the Narnia books for the first time, finished Magician's Nephew and am halfway through the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Enjoying them a lot! (though they ain't no harry potter!)
    I leave for Milwaukee on monday where I will go to Madison to spend a few days with my dear friends mike and jessi, then will take part in one of my best friends from high school's wedding (steph) and also get to hang out with my other best friend from high school (sarah). It is going to be an epic week, I'm so excited.
    Also coming up on monday - I turn 25! Jeez... time flies.
    The kitchen in the basement is nearly done - most of the cubbards are up, there's new flooring and the painting is pretty much all done. It's coming along! Too bad we don't really get to enjoy it though!
    It's been HOT here! And we don't have AC...i don't like that so much, but today was much cooler and it was great.
    I really enjoy my job, still.
    I've sang on the worship team at church twice now and have loved it. I've also met a friend named Laura who has been awesome to hang out with, and have even gone out with a "group" of people a few times in the past 2 months.
    Church softball RULES - its a blast, I'm not good, but it's still a blast!
    I talk to my brother online nearly every evening and it's been so great. I feel like I am getting to catch up on his life that I've missed out on ever since I moved out of my parents' place. He also introduced me to the new Weezer cd which is seriously good.
    Craig has to get up really, really, really early and I feel bad for him, but he seems to really like his job so that's good.
    Our license plates expire on monday and I really need to do something about that by tomorrow, since I will be out of town starting at 5 am on monday and Craig still needs to use the car to get to work.
    Okay I think that's enough to catch you up. I'll try to get in another post before I go but if not, you can expect a nice long one when I get back from Milwaukee! peace out.

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    Sunday, June 01, 2008
    We thought we were free...
    It was exactly 1 month and 1 day ago that we moved from definitely what has been the most annoying and frustrating place to live ever, and for 3 beautiful weeks we were free from any contact with our former landlady. But last week, we got a phone call from her asking us if we had taken one of her fans. We assured her that we did not have it, in fact we had just bought one at walmart the week prior because we didn't have any fans. But being nice adults we told her we would look around and if we found anything we'd let her know. We of course do not have it, and everything is unpacked now so there'd be no place it could be that we would not have seen..anyway... we thought the case was closed but boy did we find out differently today!

    I got home from work at 5, and craig said to you..."you'll never guess who i had it out with today!" Sure enough Gladys had called back furious - she basically told craig that she knows we took the fan because she used to have 2 and now there's only one. She said that craig needed to come over and look for it, and when he refused then she said he needed to pay her for it (we're talking about a $19.99 fan from walmart here). He refused once again telling her that we definitely do not have her fan and that he's sorry its gone but we don't have it, and she hung up on him after saying that it was "on his conscious now". OMG...i can't even express in words how I feel about this. All I can say is once again she's lucky she didn't get me on the phone because I know I would have been pushed over the edge this time - how dare she accuse us like that!! Of course we didnt' steal her fan..it is unbelievable. We have decided to completely ignore her from now on, if she ever calls again or tries to contact us in any way we will not respond. It's the only thing I can think of...

    Anyway, moving on (because if i don't I'll start swearing or something), this weekend we started painting the basement and hallways (not the parts we live in but the tenant parts). Things are really starting to come together down there, I'll post some final pics when its all done but for now here are a few from yesterday.


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