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    Thursday, March 30, 2006
    nothing things
    Greetings. I feel like i have been really busy lately, though i am not sure with what. A few interesting things have happened. Craig got a job at SportJunkies, a sporting goods store, that he's really seeming to like. And wedding plans are trucking along. Jessi and Audrey are helping me, which is good. Oh yeah and Craig and I secured an appartment to move into when we get back to Vancouver in August. We are taking over Dave and Heather's appartment, since they left yesterday (which is very sad... we miss you guys!). But it's a great place and we are 'sub-letting' it to 2 YWAM staff that are moving in this weekend until we get back. So, that's exciting, and one less thing we will have to worry about.

    The DTS leaves monday for China, which is exciting because i set up their outreach. I like this school too - 8 girls, no guys. They are pretty fun though. Well, i better get back to work. Just wanted to update as my blog has been stagnent for a bit. Later
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    Wednesday, March 22, 2006
    wedding stuff

    Well the past few days Craig and I have really been working hard on wedding plans and things are really coming along. Every once in a while i get really overwhelmed, but each time we get something done i feel better.

    So far, we've got the dress, venue, cakes, photographer, caterer, wine, attendents, officiant, started marraige counselling, and registered. That was super fun, we went to Sears and used a little scan gun thing and scanned tons of things that would be fun to have. We also went to the ring shop to start the sketches for my wedding band. I have to have it specially made because there is no band that was made to fit my engagement ring.

    The next big thing i need to do is figure out what i want for decorations and flowers..that seems harder to me that just picking a menue. But i have been looking through tons of magazines that all my friends gave me and trying to find ideas. It's weird to me to think that i get to choose so much of this stuff, that i don't have to go through a team or something. I am so used to planning events in a team of YWAMers, all with our own oppinions!

    Only 93 days to go! I remember when it was 300 something... wow...
    peace, jamie
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    Saturday, March 18, 2006
    We're back!

    Hello everyone. Well, we made home from our little roadtrip. Our itinerary went as follows:
    sunday - drive to calgary
    monday - drive to Eagles nest Ranch, do North Tour presentation
    Tuesday - drive to Turner Valley, do presentation
    Wednseday - drive to calgary again, do presentation, drive to Okanagan
    Thursday - do presentation, drive home.

    2700 km later, here i am and glad to be back home!

    Here's a pic from Mariska's baby shower because i know you all were wondering how that went :)
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    Saturday, March 11, 2006
    Leaving on a Jet Plane...or van...

    Hello all,
    well tomorrow morning at 7 am i will be leaving on a small road trip to Alberta woohoooo!!! Why, you ask? Well, me and my team of 4 other YWAMers will be traveling to 4 other YWAM locations to promote our Northern Tour that i mentioned in an earlier post. It will be a lot of driving, but it will be fun.

    Last night I went and hung out with Ange and Audrey. It was a lot of fun, we did face masks, and they totally pampered me with massages, foot scrubs, and Ange did my hair and makeup. They really made me feel special. Thanks girls!
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    Saturday, March 04, 2006
    random updates
    it's come to this...checking my email at the library.. sigh

    anyway, so this weekend Craig and I had high hopes of going to Victoria for the weekend to attend a marraige seminar with Campus Crusade. We were really excited and looking forward to learning lots. But, somehow we got the dates wrong and it's acutally next, which we can't go then because of other arrangements.. UGH!! How frustrating..

    Anyway the DTSes are back from their outreaches which was really neat to hear all their stories, especially since it was my job to plan 2 of them. So it was neat to hear feedback.

    I was really sick last weekend and it only lasted 4 days which was amazing because whenever i get sinus infections, they last well over a week. This whole naturaopathy thing is really working out. i would totally recommend it to anyone, especially if they are getting frequent headaches, stomach issues, or cold/allergies. It's really helped me out.

    Well i suppose that's all for my random update. Not even a picture this time! Jeez!
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