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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008
    The past few days have been really busy with work, school and packing. Today I finally finished all my school work and handed in my last paper for the year!!! And tomorrow we move to our new house. Luckily I have the next couple days off but Craig still has to work since he just started his new job this week. So our evenings have been full of packing and trying to get tenants to rent in the basement of our new place for May 1st. I think we have 2 officially signed on, with 2 more hopefuls. People really wait till last minute to do things here!

    My parents are coming tomorrow too, which is exciting. They'll only be here a couple days but I can't wait to see them. I'm exciting about moving but as most everyone who reads this blog knows, moving is stressful and hard work!! This is really sweet though, today at work I told one of my coworkers that we were moving tomorrow and he asked if we needed help! Wow... someone who actually offers to help move!? That's rare! (Anyone see that seinfeld where a guy jerry barely knows asks him if he'll help him move? And then Jerry says that its too early in their relationship to do that..haha)... Anyway, we wont have internet for a few days but I'll be back next week hopefully with some pics of our new place. I am really looking forward to this summer - just the fact that school is done is a huge load off my plate! And it's cool because I actually got through my first year of college - only 2.5 years to go...
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    Saturday, April 19, 2008
    Feelin' Good
    The last couple days I've been feeling good about this next season, and what's to come. There will be no more homework or research papers, no more crazy landlord, a new home with more space and privacy, less financial stress due to Craig's full time job and more hours for me at work, and more involvement at church because of joining a worship team and softball team. I feel like things are finally starting to pick up, and that there will be an opportunity to make some real friends this summer. Also during this summer I will turn 25, Craig and I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we will have been in Ontario and full time university for one full year.

    I just gotta get through these next 2 weeks...I have a lot of homework due and because we are moving on the 30th, I will need to get it all in by the 29th which is 3 days less than when they are actually due. I'm working on a 10 page paper for my Nutrition class on the importance of Carbohydrates, as well as a paper on the history of graphic design for my art class. I also need to finish up my degree plan, which maps out the entire rest of my years at school, and need to read a 150 page book called "Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution".

    That said, I better get back to work!

    oh, and last night I had a dream that Craig and I got a dog named Penguin...haha....
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    Thursday, April 10, 2008
    There was a new ER on tonight! YAY! Shows are back!

    We move to our new home in 3 weeks from today ---- I can't wait!! And then I don't have to move again for like 3 or 4 years..I can't believe it.... I haven't lived someplace longer than 1.25 years since Tomahawk Wisconsin, back in in 2001. Seriously...so yeah, I'm excited.

    Oh and great news, Craig got an awesome summer job with a really nice golf course in Niagara Falls. I'm really happy for him because it's going to be doing something that he loves, and he gets to play free golf at a really nice course that we would never be able to afford. I was thinking about picking up a second job but I am really hoping I can just keep picking up enough shifts at Old Navy to make it around 30 - 35 hours a week. If i can do that, I don't think I'll need a second job but if not, I'll have to find something. We're both excited to have our first full year of school completed...only 3 more to go now, although that seems like a lot. I love my online classes and would highly recommend it to anyone whose not 18 and wants to go back to school. It's a great learning environment for adults. And check out what I learned how to do in photoshop - who knew it had animation capabilities? Not me!! This was my assignment for this week... we had to use our logos we made last week and turn them into an animation :)

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    Sunday, April 06, 2008
    Happy 20th birthday to my little brother, Jason! Can you believe it - 20 years old woo hoooooo!
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    Saturday, April 05, 2008
    They've done it again!

    This is the last time skybus will screw over my family ---why? Well, because they've shut down..practically in mid-flight, stranding my poor mother in Florida. JERKS! I seriously can't believe airlines are allowed to do that. I mean, I can understand them canceling all future flights starting in a week or 2, but to leave a bunch of people while half way through their trip is just so wrong! Ugh...anyway, guess I wont be writing about them anymore. You know I've learned a valuable lesson in all of this; if something seems to good to be true, than it probably is.

    Anyway friends, you might be interested to know that I've joined one of the worship teams at church. It's not one that plays during the sunday service though, it's one that plays on friday nights for something called "Celebrate Recovery" which is sort of like a christian version of AA but deals with all sorts of things, not just recovery from substance abuse. I went last night just to check it out and it's pretty cool. I'm looking forward to playing again and participating in musical worship.

    That's all for now, more later. peace.

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