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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008
    Introducing Steph and Terry Wilson!
    I met Stephany when I was in 9th grade and she was in 10th. We were both in choir together, and also in gym class we stood next to each other because our last names were next to each other in the alphabet. I don't remember much but I do remember clicking right away..I thought she was hilarious and sweet and so easy to talk to. We became best friends quickly and stayed that way for a long time, seeing each other multiple times a day (because we were in like 5 choirs..haha) despite the difference in classes. We went to music camp in Madison together 2 years in a row, and basically spent every evening after school together with our other best friend, Sarah. After Steph graduated she went away to college but it was okay because Sarah and I drove up there a few times and she came down often. Then when I graduated, off I went to join Steph in college! We were roommates for a semester, but after that I left school to go into YWAM. It was a blast and when I think back on my high school days Steph is one of the first things that pop into my head!

    Steph and I have always kept in touch even though our lives have moved on to new things. I had the immense privilege of having her come to Vancouver to stand up in my wedding, and it was soooo great when she and Sarah were able to become part of my Vancouver life for a weekend. A couple years ago I was so happy to find that Steph had met a great guy and fell in love. Then a few weeks ago I was able to go to Milwaukee and proudly stand up for her in her wedding to Terry! It was great seeing her so happy. Steph was a beautiful bride and I hope you enjoy some of these pictures from her special day!

    The Ceremoney site. Absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the wind blew the unity candles out but thats typical in an outdoor wedding! The weather was perfect and the breeze kept the mosquitoes away :)
    Here's Sarah and I waiting while pictures were being taken. They had 2 photographers and I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! Oh and I must say...these were my absolute FAVE bridesmaids dresses ever! Honestly, I can't wait to see the group shots so I can see them all on us. Black = best.

    Steph and Terry with Steph's parents. I was very glad that they were there to see their only daughter marry the love of her life!

    The new happy couple. I love how Terry was dressed, it fit perfectly with the laid back and intimate ceremony.

    Kisses. I took this picture that was set up by Deidre, their photographer, who was taking her shot from underneath them.

    My 2 best high school buddies! So glad we were all able to be together again.

    The "cake". I love the cupcake design, although it was funny because Steph had asked them to do white frosting with pink dots on the top, because their wedding colors were white black and pink. When we got there she was like...why are my cupcakes black and orange???? But she was the epitome of calm all weekend so it didn't seem to bother her too much!

    At the reception, held in one of their favorite bars. I thought it was neat that for a wedding present one of her friends did all the setting up and decorating! What a burden to take off of the bride! We all just got to show up and it looked great.

    Cutting the cake. This was funny because they did it just for the shot - no one else even knew it was happening and it was before we started dinner! I liked that idea because at my wedding the cake cutting thing was unplanned and a bit awkward!

    Well there you go, Steph's wedding in a nutshell. I'm happy for her and Terry and wish them all the best for this new step in life!
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    Sunday, July 06, 2008
    Time Flies
    I have lots to catch you up on, and for some reason every time I think I should write a post, I feel like I don't want to. Once I start it's fine but actually getting myself to sit down and think takes energy. And lately I've sort of been lacking in energy, hence why you haven't heard from me in a while.

    Anyway... Steph's wedding deserves it's own post so I am going to put it off again because I want to dedicate more time to it than I have right now.

    Lately Craig and I both have had some early mornings. Well, Craig has early mornings 6 days a week - 4:30 am mornings to be exact... I have 5:15 am mornings about 3 times a week which seems horrible but then I think about Craig and feel like I can't complain. Although he doesn't have it that bad - he gets to golf for free and stays after work nearly every day to practice, so that makes up for his early mornings. On the days I'm not getting up at 5:15 I get up at 6:15 or I don't work (and then I get up as late as possible). Our evenings have filled up as well - softball 1-2 times a week (which is really fun and we've won most our games) or other church activities, like worship practice or the friday Celebrate Recovery thing that I do some fridays. It feels semi busy but not to where I feel overwhelmed. Right now it seems like the perfect amount, where we have some down time but not too much and we have a lot more people-interaction than we used to. Feeling more "homey" each month I think.

    We started painting our part of the house yesterday, which I am really excited about. The living room is about half done and I pulled down the floral wall paper border in our room because that will be the next place we paint. Here's a pic of me with that lovely stuff... I think I'll wait to post pictures of the painting until it's all done, because right now everything is such a mess in the rooms we're painting that it wouldn't look that great anyway. But I promise, there will be house pics once we get this place looking nicer.

    Oh another thing that happened was that we celebrated our 2 year anniversary by going to the Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo, NY. We had a nice time and ate great food. In some ways the last 2 years went fast but for the most part it actually feels like we've been married for a long time. Our memories of living in that house on 11th ave in Vancouver really do feel like so far away! It will be one year at the end of this month that we moved to Ontario.

    And last but certainly not least, as Craig and I left the house at 3:30 today to both go to work, we came to find out that the newly renovated and finished basement had about 2 inches of water over top of the entire floor... long..long story short, it's out now after numerous trips to Home Depot, being late for work (me) and not going to work at all (craig), and a few hours of panic --> frustration. It sucked big time - and we're hoping that all the hard work down there is not ruined...we just need to get a dehumidifier going so that it doesn't mold.

    And on that note, I'm off to bed for a 6:15am rise tomorrow.
    posted by jamie @ 11:04 PM   4 comments

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