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    Friday, April 28, 2006
    random things
    Today Craig and I are bottling our wine. I think we might have made too much... 85 people coming to the wedding and we are bottling 90 bottles...hmmmm... oh well.

    I am really glad it's friday. For some reason i feel exhausted.. I have been putting a lot of hours into the crisis centre (8 this week and 12 next) plus working with YWAM but its not like i am super super busy. My health has been good though. I serioulsy think i was healed from Behcets as I havent had any problems for 6 months now and i don't think i will anymore. Going to a naturopath has helped but i also think God healed me.

    I am really poor right now so last night i was looking through all my drawers and shelves trying to find things i could sell on ebay and craigslist. So far i have some earrings that are too big, a candle, an extra memory card, snowboard boots that i found in the alley, and an old cell phone. I hope they sell. My naturopath is sucking me dryyyyyyy.........
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    Tuesday, April 25, 2006
    on addictions

    Okay I believe it's time to confess an addiction I have. Well I actually have 2, the first being food. But the second one is a TV show called 24. It's funny because this show has been on for a couple years now and I never wanted to get into it. Part of it was because i know myself well enough to know that when i get into a show, i really get into a show and i didn't want to add another one to my plate. But, with the 5th season starting approximately 20 weeks ago, i was pursueded to start watching with the first episode and it did exactly as i had thought it might - i was hooked, line and sinker...

    I cannot explain the feelings it evokes in me. The drama of it all. And I am lucky to have found friends that own the previous seasons on DVD so i have gone back to watch the 1st and 4th season while keeping updated weekly with the current 5th season.

    It's all very interesting and I love it. Watch it. But don't start now because you will be incredibly confused.
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    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Soooo tonight i have an overnight shift at the Crisis Centre. I really don't like doing those, especially because i live in a shady neighborhood and the CC is in another shady neighborhood so travelleing there by 2 buses at midnight is not what i call fun. I think I will save the rest of my overnight shifts (3 more..) for when I live closer to the CC, which will be in August when Craig and I are married and come back to Vancouver. We already have a place that we are subletting right now to a couple YWAM staff.

    I wish i had deep thoughts to write about here but for some reason that just doesn't seem to work for me. Until it does, i will continue writing random things about my day and posting weird pictures i guess.
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    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Easter weekend. The one thing i miss the most from my childhood is decorating easter eggs. The smell of vinegar still reminds me of easter! Tonight is going to be really cool though, we are watching The Passion of the Christ, and then having a meditation/liturgy thing, then celebrating at midnight Jesus's ressurection with snacks and DJ Dred. It's going to be rad.

    Happy Easter everyone
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