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    Thursday, August 31, 2006
    our house
    Here are some pictures of our appartment. It's going well so far - a lot of work..and i am realising i have way to much stuff.. but i'm sorting through it (and dropped of a few boxes of stuff at the YWAM office for people to take if they want...)

    Craig starts work tomorrow, and i start tuesday. Here we go life!

    (ps - audge - check out the little japanese statue on the sqaure shelf, 3rd from the left..yup that's your face! Remember when you got me that? lol!)
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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006
    Sorry for the lack of posting lately. As you may know, Craig and I recently returned to Vancouver and have been spending our days trying to get our appartment in order, seeing people, and doing massive loads of laundry. It's been good, but alittle overwhelming because in my ywamish mind, all i can think about as we set up furniture and unpack boxes is, 'how long before it will all just go back into a box again?' I am seeing things that i packed away back in April of 2004, when me and some girlfriends moved out of our appartment on Broadway. And why, you might ask, have i not unpacked them since? Well, to be honest, ever since then i knew i would be moving again so i just didnt bother..but in doing that, its basically caused me to triple my amount of 'things' as i just seem acumulate more and more as i go...**sigh**

    Anyway, we are here now so i am going to make it as homey as i can.

    Just wanted to say congrats to Mariska -- way to go on that emmy! And Elliot lost to Jack Baur..but that one was a toss up for me so I am happy for Jack. Sorry Elliot... You were good to. But i mean, come on... it's jack..
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    Monday, August 21, 2006
    Hangin' with the DiFrans
    Here we are, half way through our cross country trip, at Dave and Heather Difrancesco's house. We are having a blast with them and have finally been able to meet the little twins that we knew only from when they were in Heather's belly. They are wonderful boys! Here are some pics from the evening.

    Tomorrow we head to Moose Jaw, SK, then Calgary, AB, and then Home.. Can't wait!
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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Well i figure it's time for a new post, though i don't have anything too interesting to say. Yesterday Craig and I visited a school in St. Catherines, near Niagra Falls, called Brock University. We went on an official tour and saw the campus and city a bit. We really liked it. It offers programs that each of us want to do, is close to our families, nice campus... We are thinking of going to school again for next fall (2007).

    In other news... tomorrow we leave for Owen Sound, the town where Tim Cummins is getting married to Leah this friday. Craig is in the wedding and then we will starting our rather long decent backt o Vancouver on Saturday. We are looking forward to getting home, though we've had a wonderful summer with family and friends.

    That's all for now.
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    Saturday, August 12, 2006
    Here are some pics i took from our time at the cottage.

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    Saturday, August 05, 2006
    The Cottage

    Recently, I've noticed that *almost* every Canadian I've known goes to 'the cottage' at one time or another. It's like part of being Canadian or something. It's really interesting. You always hear people talking about when they are going, and when you are going, and if you saw Mr. So and So there this year, and the weather should be really good that time of year, and there are beautiful sunsets!!

    Well, it is now my turn to go to 'the cottage' and will be out of touch for a week. I'll post fun pics when i return.
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    Friday, August 04, 2006
    new addition

    Well here she is.. our new car. We bought it from Craig's uncle a few nights ago - isn't she purdy? 2000 Pontiac Sunfire. Exciting!! I don't think it will hit us that we own a car until we've had to fill up the gas tank! :)

    We'll be driving it back to Vancouver, leaving on the 19th and returning around the 23rd of August.
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    Wednesday, August 02, 2006
    Dr. Sell Out McGraw

    I've been meaning to write about this for some time now. It all started a few weeks ago when Craig was watching Dr. Phil while i was putting my make up on in another room. He said to me, "You know, I'm really surprised that Dr. Phill is so into on-line dating!" I, feeling that i know Dr. Phil quite well, answered back "he's probably just doing a show on the pros and cons of it, or how to be safe.. i doubt he really is for it."

    So i sit down, to make sure my observations are correct, and slowly realise that, in fact not only is he talking only about the 'pro's', but he is now telling people why its so safe and what to write in your profile to get you the best matches! I was like, whoa! Are you serious Dr. Phil? Can't we be a bit more objective with something as risky as hooking up with people you've never met before, and know nothing about except for reading an online profile with added 'pic'??

    But, we go on our day as usual, and i shrug off this episode as one of the few times that Dr. Phil and I will just have to 'agree to disagree'. No matter.. I still like him.

    Until.... later that night, while expressing my concerns to my parents about the content of the Dr. Phil show, my dad says to me, "you know why he did a show about it, don't you?" Not believing that my dad could possibly know more about Dr. Phil than I do, i sort of shrug it off like, "not really, why?" "He's the new Match.Com spokes person!"


    Sad but true.. He is being paid to sell as many people to match.com as possible and he sure is working hard at it! You know, i have no problem with him promoting his books on his show, he really beleives in what they say and they really do help people.. But to not only advertise, but become the spokes person for an on-line dating service..?? I mean come on.. How can i trust his oppinions about anything anymore? How do i know he's not just being paid to say something? How can i trust his objectivity?

    i just don't know anymore... Sorry Dr Phil, I'll have to find a new source of talk-show help.
    posted by jamie @ 12:30 AM   5 comments

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