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    Sunday, June 01, 2008
    We thought we were free...
    It was exactly 1 month and 1 day ago that we moved from definitely what has been the most annoying and frustrating place to live ever, and for 3 beautiful weeks we were free from any contact with our former landlady. But last week, we got a phone call from her asking us if we had taken one of her fans. We assured her that we did not have it, in fact we had just bought one at walmart the week prior because we didn't have any fans. But being nice adults we told her we would look around and if we found anything we'd let her know. We of course do not have it, and everything is unpacked now so there'd be no place it could be that we would not have seen..anyway... we thought the case was closed but boy did we find out differently today!

    I got home from work at 5, and craig said to you..."you'll never guess who i had it out with today!" Sure enough Gladys had called back furious - she basically told craig that she knows we took the fan because she used to have 2 and now there's only one. She said that craig needed to come over and look for it, and when he refused then she said he needed to pay her for it (we're talking about a $19.99 fan from walmart here). He refused once again telling her that we definitely do not have her fan and that he's sorry its gone but we don't have it, and she hung up on him after saying that it was "on his conscious now". OMG...i can't even express in words how I feel about this. All I can say is once again she's lucky she didn't get me on the phone because I know I would have been pushed over the edge this time - how dare she accuse us like that!! Of course we didnt' steal her fan..it is unbelievable. We have decided to completely ignore her from now on, if she ever calls again or tries to contact us in any way we will not respond. It's the only thing I can think of...

    Anyway, moving on (because if i don't I'll start swearing or something), this weekend we started painting the basement and hallways (not the parts we live in but the tenant parts). Things are really starting to come together down there, I'll post some final pics when its all done but for now here are a few from yesterday.


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