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    Saturday, June 14, 2008
    Thunder and Lightening and Rain, Oh My!
    I know, another post already! But I was thinking about something and I felt like it would be a good thing to blog about. I also captured some cool lightening and thunder on my camera last night and wanted to show it (only a minute long but its pretty cool)...

    But anyway, today at work one of my coworkers mentioned something about how they had taken religion class in high school, which started a short conversation that went something like this:

    J: "You went to a Christian School?"
    S: "Yeah, catholic"
    J: "So are you a catholic?"
    S: "I guess. Are you?"
    J: " I'm a non-denominational Christian, not catholic"
    S: "Oh yeah that's right, you love church"

    Which made me laugh. Because those of you who really know me know that I would probably never classify myself as one who "loves church". And after sort of chuckling to myself, the conversation stopped there and we went about our business. But it got me thinking. And if I were to replay that moment, this is what I would have said. Well, to be honest I probably wouldn't have. But this is what I wish I would have said, and feel like saying now.

    I don't love church. I love God. Because he saved me from depression, anxiety, people pleasing, insomnia, an autoimmune disorder. He saved me from missing out on precious moments with my parents and brother, from losing good friends even though we live so far away, from loneliness and from losing skills even though I don't practice as much as I should or don't always use them to his Glory. And, he saved me from death, real death, and also hell. And I praise him for that. And S, if you ever get to read this (which I doubt you will), know that it is not church I love, but God.

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    posted by jamie @ 8:21 PM  
    • At 11:21 PM, June 15, 2008, Blogger lindsey said…

      beautifully said jamie!

    • At 9:17 PM, June 17, 2008, Anonymous hannah said…

      beautiful. only word to describe that post!

    • At 5:20 AM, June 20, 2008, Blogger MaryHuffman said…

      Belated Happy Birthday Jamie. Hope you had a good one.
      All is well here. Busy with things in the church and my small day care from home. I ran a bridal show in the church last weekend. I had 40 dresses and 16 teenagers to model them from 1920 - 2000's. It went well. Then Sunday we gave a missions presentation.

      Bye for now,
      Much Love...

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