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    Saturday, April 19, 2008
    Feelin' Good
    The last couple days I've been feeling good about this next season, and what's to come. There will be no more homework or research papers, no more crazy landlord, a new home with more space and privacy, less financial stress due to Craig's full time job and more hours for me at work, and more involvement at church because of joining a worship team and softball team. I feel like things are finally starting to pick up, and that there will be an opportunity to make some real friends this summer. Also during this summer I will turn 25, Craig and I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we will have been in Ontario and full time university for one full year.

    I just gotta get through these next 2 weeks...I have a lot of homework due and because we are moving on the 30th, I will need to get it all in by the 29th which is 3 days less than when they are actually due. I'm working on a 10 page paper for my Nutrition class on the importance of Carbohydrates, as well as a paper on the history of graphic design for my art class. I also need to finish up my degree plan, which maps out the entire rest of my years at school, and need to read a 150 page book called "Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution".

    That said, I better get back to work!

    oh, and last night I had a dream that Craig and I got a dog named Penguin...haha....
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