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    Friday, December 08, 2006
    The other night I found all my old journals. I used to keep a journal from the age of about 16 - 21 or so, i recorded my joy and my pain, and lots and lots of prayers... and it's such an odd feeling going back and reading through them. I started reading one from around December 2000 to June 2001. What a crazy time in my life that was! I find that the past few nights as I've been reading through it, I've been overcome with both sadness, and laughter... actually, I've laughed out loud - a lot, and have even had to read some sentences to Craig because they are so funny.. I really was full of drama back then. (yes, i said back then.. i heard that!)

    Like the one time where i wrote in all seriousness, well sort of, that "Mrs. _____ is satan's daughter!" (anyone from that era want to venture a guess as to whom I was referring to ;)

    Or the time that I took out all my peircings because I felt like God told me too...and how free I felt.. it was an awesome time for me.

    Or the time my best friend Sarah and I baptised ourselves by jumping into the lake with all our clothes on! Serioulsy...we just totally ran and jumped right off the dock... Wow how amazing was that!?

    But it also is filled with a lot of pain... Right in the middle of this time frame was a horrific car accident that shook all of our lives. It changed us all, sometimes I believe for the better, and sometimes not. In my journal, you can see a difference in my entries before and after that January 26th, 2001.

    Thinking about all these things feels weird - like it was a movie I watched or something, you know? I mean, life is sooo different from High School, yet at the time, it felt like everything. But I have to say that it was truly and honestly was the Lord who brought me through all the good and the hard times, and has shaped me into who I am...and will continue shaping me, and us all, as time goes on.

    Hallelujah, Grace like rain
    falls down on me
    Hallelujah, all my stains

    are washed away
    are washed away
    posted by jamie @ 3:31 AM  
    • At 5:52 AM, December 08, 2006, Blogger j. oates said…

      mrs balda??
      God is good...it is amazing all you have been through..and amazing how we've much we've been through together! i am so glad you are in my life.....to share the joy and pain..i hope there are lots more memories....love you jamie!!! miss you alot.

    • At 2:18 PM, December 09, 2006, Blogger Emily Deu said…

      mrs. brendemule, or how ever you spell her name, but maybe it is ms. balda....

      Punky bruster, that's one of the things I remember from your youngin days.

      Love ya james....miss you...hey whats your address???

    • At 6:02 PM, December 09, 2006, Blogger jamie said…

      both great guesses - but em, you got it ;)

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