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    Saturday, March 04, 2006
    random updates
    it's come to this...checking my email at the library.. sigh

    anyway, so this weekend Craig and I had high hopes of going to Victoria for the weekend to attend a marraige seminar with Campus Crusade. We were really excited and looking forward to learning lots. But, somehow we got the dates wrong and it's acutally next, which we can't go then because of other arrangements.. UGH!! How frustrating..

    Anyway the DTSes are back from their outreaches which was really neat to hear all their stories, especially since it was my job to plan 2 of them. So it was neat to hear feedback.

    I was really sick last weekend and it only lasted 4 days which was amazing because whenever i get sinus infections, they last well over a week. This whole naturaopathy thing is really working out. i would totally recommend it to anyone, especially if they are getting frequent headaches, stomach issues, or cold/allergies. It's really helped me out.

    Well i suppose that's all for my random update. Not even a picture this time! Jeez!
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