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    Thursday, September 08, 2005
    rescue 911?
    What a morning henri and I had...

    it started out relaxing, as we were going to breakfast with another staff (pam). So, around 9:45am we are waiting around to be picked up when we start to hear yelling from across the hall. There was a guy that was screaming and swearing at a girl. We couldn't see what was going on but it was getting so bad that I decided I had to call the police..

    what wasSo, I dial 911 and tell them what is going on (as well as a billion other questions including my birthday..weird) The yelling which then turned into loud bangs and crashes only worsened. Our land lord happened to be inspecting our roof at the time so we got him to go out there and see going on. He said the guy had broken down the door and the girl was shaking and bloody. Unfortunantly she left with the guy before the police got there. I am upset that the police took so long - atleast 20 minutes went by after we called them. So i don't know if he was caught or what. But i had to talk to the cops for a while and give a statement while poor pam waited and waited for us to come down..

    what an interesting start to my day!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, and we just caught another mouse. It committed suicide by running off the deck and falling down 6 floors....suckah.....
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