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    Tuesday, October 23, 2007
    My TV Reviews
    Hola amigos. If you're wondering why I don't post as much as I used to is because my days really don't have much variety in them. I pretty much just wake up around 8:30, do school work from 9-4ish, exercise for about 30 min, make dinner, and then watch ER reruns or whatever show is on, and hang out with Craig. Oh maybe that's what I can talk about..my view on shows this season. But first, an update for you: health journey is going well, I am down 17.5 lbs from where I started a month ago. My goal is to continue at the rate of 2 lbs per week until I reach a healthy weight for my height. Slow and steady wins the race... and keeps the pounds off.

    So... a few weeks back I talked about the shows I was going to follow this season. Well, my priorities have been compromised due to a growing obsession with past seasons of ER. You see, I've always loved ER and have been watching on and off for years upon years (it's in its 14th season), but ever since I got season 4 for Christmas last year, I have been completely addicted in downloading and watching every epi since then. I just finished season 9 a few nights ago and I am SO SAD that Abby and Carter don't stay together... but I knew they were doomed from the start, being that in the current season she is married to Luka.. but whatever... anyway, all that to say that most nights I don't feel like watching anything but ER, so I haven't given some of the new shows as much of a chance as I would have.

    Grey's Anatomy: definitely funnier than the last half of last season, which I appreciate. I enjoy watching but am not a fan of all the new interns... I miss Addison there though, she should've stayed. Oh and the George/Izzy thing irritated me to no end. I'm happy about the turn of events with it though and hope that George and Callie work it out.

    As I mentioned earlier, it is in it's 14th (and rumored final) season and doing pretty well. Unfortunately Luka and Abby are on their way out now, which is sad, but if it ends then it wont matter. Since I'm so engrossed in what's happening in past seasons, I can hardly pay attention to what's going on, except that I enjoy watching.

    Private Practice: I'm really curious to hear people's thoughts on this show. I have been watching since the first epi, but last week I just couldn't be bothered. Is it just me, or do they keep ending up at the hospital? Wasn't the point of this show to be different than Grey's? I like the cast, especially Amy Brenneman, but the show is just not catching me. I'll be a casual watcher, at best.

    Dirty Sexy Money: I watched the first 3 epi's, and really liked it, but decided to let it go a few weeks ago due to the fact that I really just wanted to watch ER.

    Pushing Daisies: Super cute show..is anyone watching this? It's really funny and well written. Unfortunately it's on at the same time as my Spanish class so I only see the last half each week.. but I think I might tape them because they are really good. I didn't start off with this show, but my parents did and got me into it.

    Law and Order SVU:
    I don't think I'll ever be able to give up this show, even though I can feel the writers running out of story lines. My guess is that it will last only 1 or 2 more seasons, but it won't be the end for Mariska Hargitay. She's generated a huge fan base and will probably do more films after SVU. Regarding this season, it's been pretty good, slightly predictable, but better than last season.

    Okay that's it for my reviews. Let me know if you have any thoughts or if you've gotten into any new shows I didn't mention!

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    posted by jamie @ 3:38 PM  
    • At 5:50 PM, October 23, 2007, Blogger Emily Deu said…

      I also have been enjoying Pushing Daisies. I sometimes can't watch some shows when they are on, but go to abc.com and can watch them later, which is nice.

      I like that the narrator is also the guy who does the narration of the "harry potter" books. It's a fun and different show.

      Grey's and Practice have not hooked me this season. All the characters in Grey's seem so weak. They all seem insecure and weak and the story's not that interesting. Practice is also trying to hard and a bit boring. We'll see.

      Those are the only shows that I've checked out of the ones you're watching.

    • At 9:42 PM, October 24, 2007, Blogger Doris said…

      Hmmm, I just left a wonderfully witty comment, but I don't think it came through. Anyway, I really love Pushing Daisies, I think it's a clever, quirky show. I also like Reaper on the CW. Those are the only new shows that I'm making a point to watch. Of course, my Thursdays belong to Smallville and Supernatural.

      See you tomorrow! Love, mom

    • At 5:22 PM, October 26, 2007, Anonymous Rachel H said…

      holy crap Jamie, 17lbs is awesome! you're gonna have to take some "before and after" pictures!

    • At 10:31 PM, October 27, 2007, Blogger MaryHuffman said…

      Good on you Jamie with your health programme. Way to go. Hey thanks for update on Grey's I'm watching last seasons re-runs now while Joshua sleeps and I have my lunch. I hated the George/Issy thing too. I look forward to the new season happening here. Will update blog soon. Nothing new really but being a Mum continues to go well.
      Love Mary.

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