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    Friday, September 21, 2007
    Happy Watching!
    It's been a little while since I've posted, but really it's because I don't have a ton to say. My life is pretty routine now, which involves school from 9am-4pm, maybe going for a little bike ride, doing the dishes, making dinner, watching ER. Yes I've been watching the early seasons of ER and I am soo loving it. I started with season 4 last year because Mariska Hargitay was in it, but then I've just kept going and now I'm on season 7. It brings back memories because I was watching these seasons when they were on about 7 years ago.

    Speaking of TV (one of my favorite things to speak about...) next week is one of the greatest weeks of the year - Premiere week!!! I seriously cannot wait.. I'm going to stick with a few of the old shows, like:
    Grey's Anatomy (of course... supposedly it's going to be a much 'happier' season this year)
    ER (This is going to be it's last season...so sad...but they're bringing back all the old stars like Carter and Doug and Carol etc)
    Brothers and Sisters (Congrats Sally Field for winning best actress, even though you did beat Mariska..)
    Law and Order:SVU (This season will hopefully be better than the last, the season premiere looks really good..it's about multiple personality disorder!)
    And for new shows this year I am going to give Private Practice a try, not only does it have Kate Walsh (from Grey's) but Amy Brenneman, whom I totally love from Judging Amy.

    So everybody, make sure your tuning in because if you miss the first week you'll be totally out of the loop. Give a new show a try!

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