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    Thursday, September 13, 2007
    we're not in Tomahawk high school spanish anymore...

    This is the difference between high school and college... In high school Spanish class, we would have vocab every friday which consisted of no more than 15-20 words. Here is a picture of my vocab words just for the first week! Yikes... and they cheat too, cause it's not just single words but phrases...that shouldn't count as vocab!

    I think I'm used to this place now...the newness is wearing off. I remember the first whole month in this house I felt so out of place.. like I couldn't remember where the bathroom was or something, or I guess it just felt like it wasn't 'my' bathroom..or 'my' bedroom. But now it's all normal. It's amazing how well humans can adjust to new places...homes especially. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't take that long. I remember on my outreach to Morocco when we'd travel to a different city each week, I felt nervous about leaving my little homey hotel room (even if it was infested with cockroaches) and starting over.

    But that said, I still don't know a soul. Not that I'm surprised, as I haven't been any where or done anything that would allow me to meet someone. I need my brother to come up here and give me lessons on making friends. It's weird because when we were little, he was more the shy one..but in our adulthood it seems that we have switched places. Either that or my time in YWAM turned me anti-social. It can tend to do that to you, if you let it, and I think I let it. Not because it's bad but just because it's too easy to make friends with ywamers.

    I think I'll go to church this sunday and see if anyone wants to be my friend ;)
    posted by jamie @ 5:45 PM  
    • At 6:46 PM, September 13, 2007, Blogger Emily Deu said…

      i'd want to be your friend....well I am your friend, but you know...

      It's not comfortable and you just got to throw yourself out there!!!

      You can do it!

    • At 12:15 AM, September 16, 2007, Anonymous Rachel H said…

      I am the same way about making new friends...i heard a woman telling her daughter (about 8y/o) that people just seem to want to get to know the person who looks like they are happy and smiling...just don't cross the line and become that crazy person smiling and giggling to herself in the corner!

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