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    Friday, September 28, 2007
    A recipe for you!
    Well I'm on day 6 of being healthy jamie. It's going great... no troubles so far. I don't have a scale so I don't know if I've lost any weight but I know that just from dieting in my past, you usually lose a lot of water weight in the first 2 weeks. I don't really care about what a scale says anyway...it's going to be in my clothes that I'll be able to tell. The reason I feel great is because I'm learning how to only eat when I'm hungry. I haven't really done that in years..sounds funny but it's true. For the past 2 nights I've had the most tasty dinner ever and I wanted to share it with you. This is for those of you who like Tuna but are getting board with just a plain ol' tuna sandwhich. Also good if you're going low carb. You can omit the crackers if you want.

    Jamie's Tuna Cakes

    1 can of tuna, drained
    1 egg (you can use just the egg white if you want to go low-fat)
    1 tbs mayonnaise (I used fat free but whatever you have is fine)
    1 tsp Dijon style mustard
    a squeeze of lemon juice (this adds a ton to it)
    Salt and Pepper
    4 crackers crushed up into fine crumbs (I used Breton Whole Wheat low fat Crackers)

    mix that all together, makes 4 patties. Roll them into a ball, about the size of an egg, then flatten them between your hands, like you would while making a hamburger. Lay down on hot frying pan. Do this to all of them, cook about 3-4 min on each side or until slightly browned.


    (not my photo but similar to what they should turn out like)

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    posted by jamie @ 9:07 PM  
    • At 2:21 AM, September 29, 2007, Blogger Angel said…

      thanks for the tip! I'll try it out this week.

      i miss you and think of you quite a bit jammer

      love ange

    • At 6:08 PM, September 29, 2007, Blogger Kristina said…

      cool new banner! thanks for the tuna cakes!

    • At 4:50 PM, September 30, 2007, Blogger Doris said…

      The tuna cakes look great, but I'll have to wait until your dad is out of town (he says "The horror, the horror.."). I guess he's not a tuna cake lovin' man. But I think any cake is a good cake, so I look forward to trying it.

      Keep up the great work you're doing!

      Love you,


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