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    Monday, September 24, 2007
    The past week my desire for losing weight and gaining control of my eating habits has increased dramatically. Though I often go through periods of dropping a few pounds and gaining it back (and then some), I feel that this time is different, for a couple reasons. I'm just in the beginning stages, but I think I found 2 resources that will really help me stay on track and I wanted to share it with the world wide web (or the 7 people that read my blog ;)

    Anyway, you've all heard of The Secret, right? If not, take a gander around their website, it's kind of cool. I've mentioned it on my blog here a few months ago, but it's been talked about every where from Oprah to the news to Saturday Night Live (making fun of it obviously). Whether you think it's the greatest thing on earth or the most overrated thing on earth, either way it still has some good truths to it. Anyway, this post is not about The Secret.....it's about believing that something is actually possible. I seriously think that I have not lost this weight because deep down inside I don't think it's possible. I've always been on the heavy side for my height (being short sucks...healthy weight for 5ft is only 100-110 lbs) and I just got used to it and accepted that I'd always be fat. But I didn't really realize that I had done this until I heard on The Secret, about how we need to truly believe something can happen before it will happen... take that as you will, but I took it as unless I believe it's possible for me to be a healthy weight, it will never happen and I will continue to yo-yo diet forever. So I've been mulling it over the past couple weeks, and then I came across this 30 min "meditation" on weight loss. At first I did the typical "ooooh meditation...spirits..bad" thing but then I realized that it wasn't that at all. It's simply just stating that you can do this and the more I listen to it, the more I believe it. It helps me to visualize myself at a healthy weight...this was really hard for me to do at first.

    The concept of losing weight by "hypnosis" or meditation first came up when I was watching one of those Oprah DVD's. One of her guests she had on the show had lost like 500 lbs without surgery, and he was saying that he was able to do it by changing the way he thought by hypnosis. As I read up on it, I learned that it's not the kind of hypnosis where you go to 'sleep' or walk around in a trance. It's just listening to a message and accepting it, and in this case the message is something to the effect of, "you have it in you to lose weight, eat only when you're hungry, not turn to food for comfort, etc". Judge me if you will, but I must admit I am feeling better than I have about losing weight in years. I feel that I can finally do it. (if you want more info on this tape, email me....)

    The second thing I came across is this online community, called Spark People (why it's called that, I have no idea). Because not only do you need to believe that you can do it, but you need a community of people that will help you when you lose momentum. This is a free site which really surprised me, because there are a lot of these out there where you have to pay. Anyway, you sign up, and it helps you figure out your goals as far as losing weight, exercise, and the time frame you want to have. Then it creates a fitness plan for you. If you follow the plan, you will be at the weight you want by the time you need (it tells you if you're being unrealistic). It has a food plan, but if you don't want to use that you can put in your own food you're eating so you can track your calories. It also has a recommended exercise plan and helps you figure out if you're exercising enough to lose the pounds. There are message boards and groups (like facebook) so you have a community of people who are all going through it together. I think it's going to be great... Check it out and let me know what you think! www.sparkpeople.com

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    posted by jamie @ 5:10 PM  
    • At 10:55 PM, September 24, 2007, Blogger j. oates said…

      hey...i just watched the secret two days ago..the night after we talked and i've been wanting to seriously lose weight again to. and i agree i've always had this thing that i can lose some weight but not all and it just 'doesn't work for me' but after watching the secret i want to change the way i think as well...i want to believe i can do it. we'll believe together and we'll do it!!!!

    • At 9:15 PM, September 25, 2007, Blogger Kristina said…

      you, so totally can do it.

    • At 6:20 PM, September 26, 2007, Blogger Emily Deu said…

      Hey James,
      I checked out Spark people and joined up, looks like a cool sight!

      I'm on the move too to lose some weight, according to the site, I need to lose 40lbs! Yikes! That is what I thought anyway, so it was a confirmation that I had a good goal in mind. It was good to see realistically when I can try and accomplish that goal.

      So hopefully by next June I will be in fit shape and hotter than ever!!!

      I was thinking it would be fun to start a spark people site for just our friends, but not sure that you can have a group be private...

    • At 7:48 PM, September 26, 2007, Blogger lindsey said…

      james, i am so excited for you! it sounds great. you're the best, i know you can do it!

    • At 7:49 PM, September 26, 2007, Blogger lindsey said…

      ok, that post looks really creepy with me saying that while smiling at you with a piece of cake in my hands!

    • At 9:23 AM, September 27, 2007, Blogger jamie said…

      haha linds..it's okay, you just gotta eat cake sometimes!

      Thanks everyone for the encouragement, it's day 5 and I'm feeling pretty good!

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