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    Wednesday, May 09, 2007
    Indoor Adventures
    For Christmas, Craig and I got money to buy camping stuff from his parents so tonight we went on a camping shopping spree! It was great... Craig found this tent at Sportsjunkies for nearly half of what you would pay at MEC, and it was brand new! Here's some pics from testing it out in our living room ;)

    We are thinking of taking it out into the real world this weekend... I'm scared of bears though. I tried to get Craig to let me buy "Bear Bells" at Canadian Tire but he said no...hmmm......

    Well I wasn't going to talk about what I thought of Grey's last week, but due to popular demand, haha, I'll give you a lil' snippet.

    I was dissapointed at the lack of actual grey's characters.. when you add it all up, it was maybe 25 minutes. The rest was just trying to hook us into Addison's new show. I didn't like that.. they advertised this big "2 HOUR GREY'S" special and really it was just the pilot for the new show... hmm... But all that said, if they do make a spin off, I would most likely watch it. I like the cast they got. I'm curious to know what others think. Let me know!

    Take care all...

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    posted by jamie @ 12:02 AM  
    • At 11:26 PM, May 10, 2007, Blogger DavenHeather said…

      yea ok did not like last weeks greys that much. this week was good. can't wait till next week... and did you catch svu.. wow good one. what do you think eliot is going to do.. i think he might try to get back with his family... anyways love talking tv with you.

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