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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007
    Go Hokies

    I just happened to catch a bit of the press conference that some of the Officials of Virgina Tech gave and I have to say it really upset me. I've never disliked the press's questioning more than I do now. How dare they say to the men and women who are devastated at what just happened in their school could have done anything to prevent this?! I'm sorry but everything always looks more clear in hindsight... I personally do not believe there was realistically anything more that anyone could have done on a campus of 25,000 people with over 100 different buildings. I was in tears watching as the journalists threw their accusatory questions at the front of the room while the speaker fought back his tears... Do they not have the ability to realize that these people are hurting more than any of them can comprehend right now? Do they not have even one ounce of compassion? Is their tiny tid-bit of news more important?

    Part of my strong emotion is due to the fact that my family has strong ties to VT. Both my parents graduated from there and to this day still fly the big VT flag in their front yard, that you now see plastered over the news. It's always been a household name in my family. I'm so heartbroken over this tragedy.

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    posted by jamie @ 4:51 PM  
    • At 5:45 PM, April 18, 2007, Blogger Leanne said…

      jamie, i felt the same way as you. ticked that they thought it could be prevented when it obviously looked like an isolated incident. it's kind of like shutting down a town for fear of an attack when there is one drive by shooting. it made me really angry. anyway, send me an email asap so we can visit about pam's promises. i can't find your address.

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