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    Thursday, March 08, 2007
    Never go to ESSO
    I had another negative experience today.

    I have an ESSO gas card, originally for $100. I have used it twice, and have both receipts to prove it. My last transaction on it left me $20.44 as a remaining balance.

    I went to use it at the gas station today and the guy swiped my card, nothing happend..he punched some numbers, it beeped, swiped again...nothing... so the guy says, "there's no money left on this card".

    Um, yes there is, I say.

    Sorry, the machine says there isn't.

    That's because you swiped it twice and messed it up, I say.

    No I didn't.

    Yes you did!

    (insert me getting really frustrated and telling this guy exactly what he did, showing him BOTH receipts as the only possible 'proof' one could have in this situation, and him just saying "sorry, it says no money left, maybe try again later"

    Trust me, there won't be a later.. I say. I get in my car and drive (on an extremely empty tank) to another ESSO. I go in, armed with my receipts, and ask them to swipe my card.

    Sorry, no money on here.

    I explain my story, staying calm. I show my beloved receipts. I explain that the card has been with me the whole time and there's no way I have used $70 in gas in one week. I ask, now drawing a crowd, what the heck the point of a gift card is if you can't trust the machines that tell you your balance? He says he cannot help me, and I leave.

    Now what? Do I attempt to fight this as well? Add another form to fill out? Do I fight the man and make them pay me back my $20, or do I let it be and never walk into an ESSO again, all the while telling people for the rest of my life to never trust them? File a report on scamclub.com (a very cool new site)?

    Tell me, what do I do? I am tired of fighting the man. It's serioulsy not getting me anywhere.

    Or... is this part of what I was talking about in my earlier post, about how giving off negative energy only attracts it. I don't know... I just don't know

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    posted by jamie @ 1:02 AM  
    • At 12:56 PM, March 08, 2007, Blogger Leanne said…

      okay, so i was going to post on your last entry, but i guess i will post on this one since it has to do with the same thing. i guess maybe i am one of those people who is naive and trusts everyone. i don't know a scam unless it smacks me in the face. i guess one thing i would do for the esso card is ask them to print out a copy of what dates you used the card and amounts and then show them the recepits. i would file nationally rather than go to a station...those people never know anything. i hope all goes well with the paper. ;)

    • At 1:11 AM, March 09, 2007, Blogger hannah said…

      oh have frustrating!
      i would have said something rude i think. just cuz i would have been so mad.

      anyways. what was that website to that paint free thing again you said you were making your pictures cool with?? i can't find the post...

    • At 12:18 AM, March 10, 2007, Blogger lindsey said…

      that sucks jamie!!

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