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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007
    The shows continue
    Liv was pretty rockin tonight on SVU.

    Here's a little synopsis for all you who former SVU fans ;)

    Last week she illegally ran her DNA to see if she had any relatives in the system, (remember she doesn't know who her dad is...she is a product of rape) and turns out she has a brother. In tonight's episode we meet the brother, who seems really sweet and they totally click, even though it takes her a while to finally admit why she's been stalking him.

    Then, the episode ends as we find out that the brother is a rapist too..! Wow...to be honest, I am suprised they played that card, considering it proves Liv's theory that violence runs in the family.

    Great episode though, good El/Liv moments.. And basically now the captian is considering splitting them up because Elliot's been covering for Olivia this whole time about the brother thing. They're in pretty deep...

    good show.. dontcha miss it? You know you do...

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    posted by jamie @ 2:11 AM  
    • At 8:49 AM, February 28, 2007, Blogger DavenHeather said…

      i thought it was really good too. can you imagine being in a situation like that. i really felt for Liv. i agree good moments for them.. they wouldn't be good cops without each other i don't think.. but maybe they are too attatched. maybe they should not be partners and hook up...anyways is grey's new this week.. never saw any previews which usually means its not. maybe those last three episodes left everyone needing a vacation. i love your tv reviews by the way. keep at it. love you.

    • At 7:57 PM, February 28, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I saw part of the show, it gets so creepy sometimes its hard to watch. You know, if you watched Smallville there'd be no rapists and I'd have lots to comment about.

      Love you,


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