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    Saturday, February 17, 2007
    Laws of Attraction
    Okay, I am going to attempt to post without mentioning TV shows in any way, for those of you who like to read my blog but are slowly checking it less and less due to not finding the content interesting...

    So here goes.

    Did anyone happen to catch Oprah yesterday? Oh wait.. that's a show.. but just stick with me for a second, I more want to talk about a subject that just happened to be brought up by Oprah yesterday.. It was about how in this 'universe', if you will, there are certain laws. We know the mainstream ones, like gravity and that whole what goes up must come down thing (i guess that's gravity too...anyway), but they introduced one called "law of attraction" which basically means the type of energy you give out, determines the type of energy you receive on a daily basis. It's simple really, and something that us YWAMers and church folk probably talk about regularly, maybe just in different terms. But do we actually practice it? Let me make this more personal..

    Do I pay attention to the type of energy I give off? I have a tendency to lean more towards the negative side of things. I think part of it is a natural tendency that comes from my personality, but the main part is just not paying attention and not holding myself accountable. And if this law of attraction is real, then that would mean that if I choose to continue in allowing this negative energy to 'flow' from my being, then I am attracting negative energy right back. Now this doesn't neccesarily mean things like natural disasters or a death of a family member..things like that just happen. But I mean, maybe i always get sick, or maybe i feel like I am always around people who annoy me. Maybe the barista always gets my drink wrong... or I can never seem to find clothes that fit. How about the bed is always uncomfortable, my water tastes funny, my job is boring, etc etc... I am not saying these are how I feel, they are just examples, but I have definetly noticed that the times where I am just feeling really negative, all of the sudden it is all I see... everything feels just a bit tainted. I can't see good in things as easily. And this is a direct contrast to when I am feeling postive about life. Let's say something good happens, or I have an awesome quiet time with God and come away feeling positive about life. All of the sudden I feel good, my coffee is excellent, my clothes are fine (or I don't care), I have a good day at work, and when I sink in to my amazing bed at night I feel so comfortable... Is this because I was lucky and all these good things came about in one day? Or is it really the fact that the way we 'feel' is all about perception?

    So I think I agree with this whole law of attraction thing. What do you think?

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    posted by jamie @ 1:47 PM  
    • At 3:00 PM, February 17, 2007, Blogger Kristina said…

      cool post. I really see in the "nobody likes me" attitude. people tend to not like being around people that feel that nobody likes them. the bad energy thing (which sounds new-agey, but there's not really any other way to describe it) I think your right, that we christians deal with this sort of attration law all the time. I that's why we are told "trust in the lord" and "lean not on our own understanding" think on "whatever is pure, lovely, holy etc." our feelings & attitudes can be such fickle creatures...
      and by the way, I've only watched greys' anat. a few times, and Im even upset about your last post! isnt the show named after her? isnt she the main character?...the nerve.

    • At 3:53 PM, February 17, 2007, Blogger Angel said…

      hey you are entirely too cool
      even for blog land

    • At 4:01 PM, February 17, 2007, Blogger jamie said…

      steener I totally hear you.. and yeah it does sound a bit new-agy, i even tried to think of another word for it, but couldn't really..hmm whats a good christianese word for "energy"? lol... I'll give props in my next post for whoever can come up with a good one! ;)

      and thanks for the comment about grey's..it took everything in my not to just mention it a little bit again!

      also, thanks ange ;) you're cool too!

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