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    Tuesday, March 06, 2007
    What NOT to do
    I feel completely buried in paperwork. I'm filling out forms for my perminant residency, a work visa, 2 university applications, and now I have added another form to fight fraudulant bank charges... ugh..

    Speaking of fraudulant bank charges, let me take this time to issue a warning. Do not buy anything from a man named Kevin Trudeau, or a company called Natural Cures. This is a guy who basically claims that he can cure cancer and makes people believe he has the 'natural' cure for every single disease. Well, a while back, I bought his books ("Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About", and "More Natural Cures") when I was really in to the whole naturopathic thing. I bought them off a TV commercial (Stupid..I know..) for really cheap, which of course is how they hook you in. Then, after I gave them my credit card info, the operator mentioned that by buying these books I was being signed up for the Natural Cures newsletter. BUT, if I didn't want this newsletter, all I had to do was email cancel@naturalcures.com and say I wanted to unsubscribe. Apparently I could do this right away, and never receive the newsletter. So, of course I email this right away as I refuse to be one of those people they hope will just forget and continue to pay.

    Well, 2 months pass, and the newsletter comes. I email again stating that I DO NOT WANT THIS newsletter, as it automatically charges my bank account $5.95 USD. Then, 2 more months pass, and another one comes. Another charge. This time I am not going to let them get away with it. I am pursuing legal action because I am so annoyed that this guy is such a scam artist.

    Oh I forgot to mention- a week or so after I bought these books, I see on a 20/20 special that Kevin Trudeau is one of the worst con-men in the info-mercial world. YIKES! I guess he's been sued countless times and 'they' (?) have fought to try and get his info-mercials off the TV. But, he prevails and continues to mislead people buy making them think he has the natural cure they need, while charging them bi-monthly (note the bi is because if it was monthly people would notice more and fight against it) and hoping they forget.

    So, this brings me to the present. Paperwork..tons of it.. ugh

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