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    Friday, February 23, 2007
    Grey's Spoiler please read!
    She's alive! Meredith's alive! Ahhhh I tell you, Shonda seriously is the best writer and TV show inventor in the whole wide world.. I was seriously split on whether or not they were going to off Meredith... Seriously... If anyone was going to kill their main character it would be Shonda... She doesn't play by the rules.

    So maybe you aren't into Grey's Anatomy, and that's okay. But maybe just maybe you heard through the grape vine that Meredith Grey drowned last week. And maybe you had a tiny interest whether or not tonight Grey's fans would be rejoicing, or kicking a whole through their TV.. and I am so happy to say that I am not kicking a whole through my TV. So so happy... So humour me and keep reading. You never know, you may find yourself tuning in next week ;)

    Here's the run down:

    - There was a big Ferry accident and all the interns went to help. Meredith tried to help a guy and he knocked her over the side of the ferry. Then she drowned. Not because she can't swim, but because she's sad and she gave up.

    - After she died, she went into this sort of life/death limbo, where all these people were there that died earlier in the season, or previous seasons. It was pretty neat... there was the blown up bomb guy, the girl who was skewerd by a pole, Mer's dog Doc, and of course Denny... ahh Denny, so good to see him.. (he died in the finale last year)

    -Then, throughout the whole episode, Denny tried to get her to admit that she gave up, and that she didn't value her life. He also told her that Derek (Mcdreamy) and Cristina (her person..) need her to not give up.. meanwhile, you see the cheif, Baily, Burke, etc working on trying to revive her...trying everything..and starting to give up

    -THEN it gets even more interesting. Meredith's mom, who used to be a famous doctor but now has alzheimer's and is in the hospital, goes into cardiac arrest or something. And you totally know it's going to happen...but it's still so great when it does - Meredith and her mom (Ellis) meet in death/life limbo...and Ellis FINALLY tells her that she's not ordinary..this is so huge. And you just know - you know at that moment, that Meredith will live. And unfortunately, Ellis will not.

    - And finally, with about 7 minutes left, Meredith's heart starts beating again. And she wakes up, slowly. And Cristina is with her when she wakes up (her best friend). And it's so good and happy and sad. And again, my eyes are puffy.

    night all.

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    posted by jamie @ 1:07 AM  
    • At 2:03 AM, February 23, 2007, Blogger Kristina said…

      thanks for the post, I was totally curious as to how it turned out.

    • At 2:24 PM, February 23, 2007, Blogger kylesbeard said…

      at the start... i really didnt like where that whole scene was going... with the one girl bleeding out all the time, i think that was a little unnecessary. but in the end i was happy with how it all came together. they did a really good job at leaving it tottally up in the air as to whether she was gunna die or not, until the very end... good episode.

    • At 4:48 PM, February 23, 2007, Blogger jamie said…

      yes i totaly agree kyle.. i could've done without the skewerd pole girl..

    • At 11:02 PM, February 28, 2007, Blogger Sarah said…

      yes! a meredith lover! someone who really and truly appreciates!!!

      last thursday night i wrote a blog called The Poetry of Meredith Grey. i'd link you to it, but my blogger is down 'cause i'm waiting on a domain name... yeah.

      check it out in a few days!

      (thanks for the song, btw)

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