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    Saturday, March 03, 2007
    Well nice job everybody on the quiz. Thanks for humoring me :) Able Baker was my aunt and uncle by the way...pretty impressive job!

    Anyway, so I had a bad experience earlier today. My doctor's appt. was scheduled this morning for my immigration application. In Cananda, in order to become a perminant resident I have to have a physical done by a government appointed doctor, and pay him $200 in cash..yeah shady that's what I thought!!

    So my appt. was this little unmarked office on Commercial Drive, at 10:10. So I show up at 9:50 so that I was early and could make sure I had everything...and the lights were all out and the door was locked. So I think to myself, okay, maybe they open at 10. I wait.....10 comes, nothing.. 10:10 comes...nothing.. 10:20, 10:30.. meanwhile I am standing outside a locked door, in the freezing cold, trying to figure out what is going on. Finally I give up and go home where I call the office to leave a message saying I was there and they weren't...and lo and behold, someone answers the phone. So I explain to the lady my confusion as to why she is answering when I just waited in the freezing cold for a half hour.. Come to find out that the PHONE NUMBER WAS WRONG ON THE WEBSITE!!! Ugh!!! So this doctor has 2 offices, and they accidentally put the commercial drive's address with the Richmond phone number. And when I made my appt I thought I was making it for Commercial Drive.. I was soooooo angry... the lady's like "Yeah we need to change that" @#$&# right you need to change that!!!! Oh was I angry..

    So now I have to make a new appt at the right office, and that could take weeks.. UGH!!

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