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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007
    Sorry for the lack of posting.. although I'm not nearly as bad as some of the stagnant blogs in blogland, it was still a bit too long for me to go without posting.

    Tonight Craig and I are skipping our home-group. Partly because Craig spent half the night studying for his midterm he had this morning, and partly because our once small group has now turned into about 15-18 people.. not so small anymore. I sort of hinted that it was time to split up last week, but I don't know how serioulsy I was taken. Oh well.. I figure as long as we do some sort of church activity a week then it's okay. Or every other week..that's okay too. After that I start to feel guilty, but not in like a bad guilty way, just in a 'we should go to church' way. Yeah, anyway...

    So Grey's is tomorrow.. But I wont talk about that. I am still trying not to make all my posts about TV.. Oh I can say happy birthday to Henri. It's her b-day today, woo hoo! Here's some pics from a great dinner we had last night. One of the best parts of the evening was when Randy told Henri that he had brought her back 24 cans of Baked Beans from England.. Seriously? Seriously.....

    Still no word from Niagara University, but I guess that's to be expected..it will probably be a few weeks before I hear anything. It's funny though because even though I know that, I still check the mail in hopes of seeing something from them. Silly me...

    Gotta make dinner now ---- peace

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