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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008
    Just a Taste
    Okay I know I have yet to post pictures of what are house looks like, but that's because I was waiting for a few more things to complete the living room, and yesterday we got them! Craig's parents gave us some of their furniture they didn't need any more and I must say it is all soooo gorgeous. A new couch and chair, as well as a kitchen table. I love them all so much. We still have to get the old couch out of the living room (harder than you think - we have to saw it in half to get it out....we think it was brought in through the window at some point because there is no way it will get through the door ways) but as soon as that happens, I promise I will post some pics of our living room. We've been working really hard in there the past 4 months to get it looking nice and homey. I can't wait to show you the before and after pics!

    But for now, a few other interesting house pics. Yesterday a company came and gutted our yard, both front and back. The reason being that it was completely, ridiculously overgrown with weeds and ivy and random things. So we're starting over with new topsoil and Craig is going to plant grass (When we moved in the front yard was all ivy..not a blade of grass...crazy). So here are a few pics of that. This first on is what it looked like before...you can't really see the lawn part but the overgrown hedges and random trees sticking out are there! And the second one is what it looks like now. Our plan is to plant a garden along the stairs and where the mound of dirt is. And then seed the rest to make a nice grass lawn.

    To conclude, here are some pics of trying to get this absolutely gorgeous, but humongous, couch into our living room.
    How about through the front door? I think not...

    We got this far through the side door...i don't think it's gonna fit...

    Yay it fit!
    posted by jamie @ 1:20 PM  
    • At 6:14 AM, August 28, 2008, Blogger Angela said…

      Sweet! It fits! I like the color of your walls...(the pic where they're trying to get it in the front door! ) ha ha... Also - brick is SO popular here in Australia too - love the brick!

    • At 8:20 AM, August 30, 2008, Blogger j. oates said…

      Question one, why is there an aquarium in the front yard in the first pic? do you own turtles or something? Or a snake?
      Question two, are you going to use craigs awesome golf course maintenance skills to have an immaculate lawn? Craig should make it like a putting green or something.

    • At 8:21 AM, August 30, 2008, Blogger j. oates said…

      um those comments where from Mike

    • At 10:32 AM, August 30, 2008, Blogger jamie said…

      haha i thought that comment sounded more like you than jessi! The aquarium had been just sitting in the garage when we moved in. I tried to get craig to see how it was a sign that we needed some sort of aquatic pet but he didn't see it that way, therefore it went on the curb :)

      and yeah craig is seriously excited about the whole lawn thing...his boss gave him all this info on which is the best grass seed to use and stuff and he's looking forward to seeding in the next week or 2!

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