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    Sunday, November 11, 2007
    The Middle Name Game
    I keep forgetting that I got "tagged" last week by a few of my friends. Basically the deal is that you have to write something about yourself that starts with each letter of your middle name. Lucky for me my middle name's tiny.... So here goes:

    Jamie Lee Church
    L - Laugh. I love to laugh, and I love making other people laugh. Especially my mom, she's really easy to make laugh. Hmm..maybe I'm actually not that funny but she just laughs cause she's my mom?
    E - ER. I love ER...it's my latest obsession that frequently rotates from show to show.
    E - Eat. About 7 weeks ago I started paying attention to what I eat, and tracking each calorie. It's opened up my eyes to a lot of things... I used to feel like I was controlled by food, but I really don't anymore. It's quite liberating.

    So there you go, laughing, eating, and ER. Not very deep or spiritual, but all 3 words definitely pertain to my life right now! In fact, on the evenings that Craig's at work you can usually find me eating dinner while watching ER reruns and laughing.

    p.s. Got bored with the current template so I went ahead and changed it - whaddya think?


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