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    Saturday, August 11, 2007
    The past 2 weeks
    My family left this morning, which was very sad..but we had a great week. Lots of Falls and food and touristy stuff and games and food ;). Wish they could stay longer!

    We're getting more used to the new home, it's starting to look pretty good and feel comfortable. Overall it's a bit bigger than our old house in the 'couve but there is less storage/closet/Cubbard space which has been interesting.... Here are some pics from the house:
    We had a great time at the falls, and hanging out at a condo there where everyone stayed. I've got tons of great pics, but because blogger sucks, I'll have to post them when we get back...which leads me to my next point. We're leaving this afternoon for a cottage 3 hours north with Craig's family. So once again I will be out of touch for a week with no blog or email, but after that I'll be back and you'll be hearing from me and I'll post a billion photos...

    OKay hope all is well out there in blog land! Can't wait to have time to catch up..miss everyone whose not within a 6 hour drive from me...wait, that's everyone! :)
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