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    Saturday, July 14, 2007
    9 days
    Well our days are numbered now - and filling up really fast... it feels a little funny and due to busy schedules all around I fear I may leave here wishing I would've been able to see people a bit more before I left. We're having a BBQ on thursday night and invited anyone who wants to come to the baseball game. I think it will be fun even if it's just a few of us.

    I'm enjoying living at the Parizeau's. Especially because it feels like sleeping in...I can pretty much roll out of bed at 7:50am instead of 6:50am like I was before. And I can wear my pj's if I want...it's fun. It's hot though.... really hot. Especially in an office full of computers, printers, lamps, etc. That reminds me...did I mention our place in St. Catherines has AC?? oooh i can't wait.
    Well, not much else to report. Hasta.
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