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    Saturday, November 05, 2005
    well, i did a stupid thing...

    have you heard of that 'hi5 network thing'? some sort of friend network where you put pictures and contact info you and have all these people as your friends... why? I really have no idea.. but, interesting none the less.

    Anyway, so I got this invitation today and i thought, why not... i've turned down most for no apparent reason, but today i decided i'll sign up. And as i am signing up, it takes you to a place where you can send other little messages to all the people in your hotmail contacts list seeing if they want to 'be your internet friend' and sign up as well. And without really paying attention, i clicked 'send' because i though that it was only sending to the highlighted names. Now, the reason there were about 5 highlighted names, out of my 50+ other names, is because these people had already HAD hi5 network thingy... so..without really knowing what i was doing, i sent this invitating thing to every single person on my contacts list, including the following:

    Paul Martinson, some random guy that was my dad's friend in collage, the outreach coordinator in thailand, the ticket coordinator for the vancouver canadaian baseball team, and the accoutant at YWAM Tyler, TX. And every one of you probably reading my blog and wondering why the heck you got that from me.

    How embarrasing....but atleast henri gets a kick out it ;)
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