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    Friday, November 04, 2005
    Nice to be busy
    I feel like things are really coming along this week...i feel like i have more passion, more ideas, more desire to actually DO something worth while. It seemed like for so long i didnt mind just coming to the office, doing random things, and then going home. But now i feel like my vision is being more defined, or awakening again maybe. Because it's not new stuff -- all things i've wanted to do before as well..but they laid dormant for a while. We had our Captivating meeting last night, which was really good.. i love hearing everyone share. And today, Jessi, Henri and I met and discussed some future plans and things we'd like to do. Yeah it was all good.. I am excited for the weekend though, just to rest, sleep in, hang out with craig.

    Well, I'm off to a meeting about how a certain something is trying to take over the world..but i wont say what cause who knows who will come across my blog and i don't want to get bombed or something.... :)
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