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    Saturday, May 26, 2007
    A New Home for Cactus

    I have finally re-potted the Cactus. It has lived in a teeny tiny little pot since I got it, back in 2002. I have wanted to re-pot it for some time now, as lately it's taken to growing crooked due to it being to tall and heavy for it's pot. How it survived the past few years like this, I have no idea. I would leave on 2 month outreaches and not even think about getting someone to look after it, though thanks to my office buddies I think it did get watered a few times while I was gone. Yet it has survived, though after seeing the roots (or lack of roots), just barely. Hopefully now it will enjoy it's new home with new fancy cactus soil. And even more than that, hopefully it will endure the 7 day drive we're taking to St. Catherines in July... Well if it's lasted all these years neglected and without much water or good soil, a little road trip can't hurt, right?


    posted by jamie @ 5:14 PM  
    • At 11:33 PM, May 26, 2007, Blogger DavenHeather said…

      wow i remember when it was so little... that cactus still always reminds me of ben... :) glad it has survived this long. can't wait to see you and the cactus in July. btw i love the new look.

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