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    Wednesday, May 23, 2007
    My Final Review
    Well last night was SVU's season finale. It was okay, though it was a continuation of a different story line that happened earlier in the season which I barely remembered...so that kind of sucked. Basically everything came crashing down, and the end of the episode left us wondering:

    a) if Captian Cragen will resign due to pressure from his bosses

    b) what Elliot's going to do now that his wife is pregnant with his baby, but they are going through a divorce (!)

    c) Will Olivia get charged for giving money to a fugitive (her brother)

    d) Will D.A. Casey Novak get fired for losing a huge case

    So many questions... I get the whole "leave us on the edge of our seat" thing that the TV shows want to do in the finales, but why does it seem like the majority of the time, it's all bad stuff? Why not leave you with an ending where it's so exciting and fun and leaves you hanging? Not the whole "build everything up and then tear it down" thing that I've seen.. Oh well, just TV I guess. Now what will I do in the evenings??

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    posted by jamie @ 9:47 PM  
    • At 8:17 PM, May 24, 2007, Blogger Katiekat said…

      Hi Jamie, I dont know if theres a name for this diet plan im on. A mate put me on it, gave me a folder with instructions, recipes and exercises.
      Its pretty tough, It starts with a detox of fruits n veges only, nothing else, then goes to a maximum of 14 days no carb allowing meat, fish, eggs and raw nuts only.
      After that its a good eating plan with fruit vege and fist size serves of meat. theres no breads or dairy which i cant hack. so ive varied things a little.
      If you want (when i get the pages) i can tell you about the one my mother in law is on its really good.

    • At 7:27 PM, May 25, 2007, Blogger MaryHuffman said…

      I love Greys as well but we are so behind in NZ. Meredith is recovering from drowning after the ferry disaster and the Cristina and Burke have just got engaged. Should I fine out from you what happens to be ahead of my friends here in NZ or wait?....
      Just updated my blog. Lots of love...

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