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    Sunday, March 25, 2007
    A day in the Life
    I don't have anything clever to say right now so I guess I'll just tell you what I did today. Why? because it's my blog and I can do what I want :)

    woke up at 10:20am
    watched Dogtown and Z-boys (so good!)
    did dishes and cleaned counter tops
    went to the gym for 1.5 hrs
    went to superstore (hell) and got groceries
    talked to my dad on the phone (in TX right now)
    talked to my mom on the phone (in Ohio)
    ate dinner
    Watched 1/2 of Mona Lisa Smile while surfing net

    And that leads me up to right now, where I think I will finish posting, veg for a bit, pick up the living room, veg some more, and go to bed.

    Maybe tomorrow I will post something more interesting, but for now I will leave you with a picture I took at Nancy's wedding shower. I made it all cool-lookin. And what makes it even cooler is the fact that steener is giving the finger without realizing it...hehe

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    posted by jamie @ 12:09 AM  
    • At 1:08 AM, March 25, 2007, Blogger Kristina said…

      noooo! I didnt do it! its not me! they are randomly bent fingers!!!(head back mouth open exhasperated gasp) he he, kinda funny though.

    • At 11:41 PM, March 25, 2007, Blogger Angel said…

      unbelievable steener
      i thought you were raised better than that!!!!!

      isn't it nice jamie to have some lazy hazy days...and i would have to agree that superstore is hell - never ever go there on a sunday EVER....ever
      ok - I think i'm done.

    • At 2:09 AM, March 26, 2007, Blogger jamie said…

      absolutely ange... or a saturday.. it's a nightmare

    • At 1:30 AM, March 27, 2007, Blogger hannah said…

      hahahah steener

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