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    Saturday, November 19, 2005
    Goblet of Fire
    oooooooooooh yeah....henri, jessi, and i went to the new Harry Potter movie today. It was excellent - the effects and story line and acting...very much like the book. It was almost 3 hours long and i still wish it would have been longer, of course because they had to cut out a ton of stuff because the book is so long. But, it was still awesome and exciting.

    I havent posted much mostly because i have been pretty busy...but a quick recap of my week - craig and i got our engagement photos taken which was a blast.. and i have been working really hard on the budgets for our outreach teams going to morocco/scotland and thailand. Tomorrow I am working at a craft fair, selling soap for my buddy wade..and then next week a few of us are taking a 2 week 'break' from the office stuff to do an outreach to our very dear city, vancouver. More on that as it comes. Hope all is well...peace..
    posted by jamie @ 9:41 PM  
    • At 1:38 AM, November 20, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      It was FANTASTIC to go and finally see the film with you Jamie, especially after we've been counting down for so long!!! I wish it had been longer too...from Henri

    • At 7:06 AM, November 22, 2005, Blogger Kristina said…

      Im bummed I didnt get to see the movie with you, its very anti potter over here, so I dont mention that I like it or that I really want to see the movie. Im so oppressed.
      anyhoot about changing pics in your blog. well if our templates are similar, yours will have 2 sections, one describing the code (ie:what h2 equals and so on) the the other part is using the code, which is where we enter the links.
      my eowyn pic is under blog header in the code section. I had to post the pic in my blog (i just posted it in my first entry) once the pic is posted. go to your blog and click on the pic and then copy the url. you replace this url with the one you fid in Blog Header, under "background" picking a good size for the pic was trial and error. if it doesnt fit right then edit the pic as best you can and do all that other stuff again. use the preview button! hope that helps. just play around with it.

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