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    Friday, November 11, 2005
    stuff and things

    Today was an interesting day. I went to the doctor again , and it went quite well. I got the 'official diagnosis' which is what we thought it was, Behcet's, as well as a secondary diagnosis of something called "sjogren's" (pronounced show-grens). This one explains the dry eyes and dry mouth... but other than that i don't really know much about it yet.

    Then i went to the crisis centre where I did the online youth chat, called YouthInBC. Check out the site, it's pretty sweet, and it's run out of the crisis centre. It's an online chat available for youth to come and talk to one of our volunteers in a more confidential environment. I was quite nervous at first because i am used to talking to people on the phones, but it went really well.

    Well i think i'll go to bed. I've decided to go start on the second phase of the diet because I am sick of induction... so to celebrate that, i ate sushi and a candy bar tonight ;)
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