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    Monday, January 07, 2008
    geez....no post for me lately for 2 reasons. First, i've been working a lot. Second, not much has happened worth posting about. Except for one thing - Old Navy asked me to be a permanent employee! Yay...that means no more job hunting for a while. I work six days in a row this week, all starting at 7 or 8 am..... Once my classes start I hope to cut my hours down to 20 a week.

    Speaking of classes, not sure if I've mentioned them already or not so here they are:

    Human Nutrition
    US History 1 (1400-1800's or something like that)
    Digital Art and Design (photoshop)
    Planning and finalizing my Degree (an actual class... where I will map out the classes I need and declare my major)

    I haven't gotten all my grades back yet but I think I did pretty well last semester. I'll post them when they come in the next couple weeks.
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