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    Friday, December 07, 2007

    Tomorrow morning Craig and I leave for Ohio to stay with the fam for 5 days. I'm so excited! You might not hear from me much for the next few days, then again I usually do try to get in a post with a few pics while I'm there so I'll give it a shot. (check out the old pic....nice stach dad ;)

    This week I worked two 9 hr days and yesterday I worked from 6 am - 10 am. I never knew about all the behind the scenes stuff that has to happen to allow a store to run! Around Christmas time they have employees working overnights to get all the new products out. That's my job so far, "product placement". I really like it too! I can help customers while I'm on the floor if they ask me but my main job is to empty never ending carts of new products all day, and also to set up the displays (yesterday I dressed manikins!).

    Those of you who don't watch ER are seriously missing out...it's the last season and they're taking everyone through the ringer before it ends. Just a small recap for those who used to watch:
    Abby and Luka got married, had a kid, Luka had to go back to Croatia right away to take care of his ailing father (for 6 months!), Abby fell off the wagon BIG time while he was gone and ended up in bed with the new ER chief (Stanley Tucci...yuck) and is now FINALLY off to rehab!
    Sam's kid started their appartment on fire so she put him in some sort of detention centre. She's now slowly starting to hook up with Gates (Uncle Jesse from full house) and she's trainging to become a paramedic.
    When Luka was the ER chief and had to fire Kerry Weaver, so before he could do it she quit and moved away. When Luka left for Croatia he left the ER cheif's position wide open and has been filled with various people since.
    Pratt is mad that he wasn't made the new Chief, and is contemplating leaving the ER now.
    Archie is still the same, silly, comic relief, annoying but sometimes sweet.

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    posted by jamie @ 12:34 PM  
    • At 4:11 PM, December 07, 2007, Blogger Audrey Whitesides said…

      thanks doll i needed that update. i haven't seen er in so long and i saw the last 10 mins lastnight. so good. miss you. miss our talks. harry potter. vanilla vodka. all the good stuff.

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