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    Thursday, December 13, 2007
    Family Christmas
    Hello friends! Craig and I are back from our vacation with my family in Ohio and we had a wonderful time. My mom, dad, and brother opened their christmas gifts from us (we wanted to be there when they opened them!) and we were able to open a few also. It was a great little family christmas. We also went to a Columbus Bluejackets game, which really made Craig happy. AND honestly I think we spent 65% of the time playing Jason's Wii. I got a few pics of us playing and I've got to admit, it was one of the funnest things ever. It's so realistic - especially bowling and tennis (those were our favorites, you could also play with 4 people which was nice). We also played Mario Olympics, which had long/triple/high jump, archery, trampoline, races, ping pong, and all sorts of things. I highly recommend it, even for people who don't like video games (case in point: my parents are contemplating buying a Wii even though jason and I are gone!).
    Craig watching the Bluejackets (Our seats were high up!)

    Mom's their #1 fan! (yeah right...she just likes those finger things)

    Opening presents. I got mom a Happy Bunny calendar and a sweater.

    Me, Craig, Dad and Jason playing tennis

    Craig golfing

    Dad and Craig playing tennis

    Dad shooting deer with the paintball gun (see, I told you!)


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