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    Tuesday, June 05, 2007
    I'm Home
    Craig and I got home this morning from Ohio. It was a great visit but way to short.. I can't wait till I can drive to my parent's place in a reasonable amount of time (will be around 6.5 hours!).

    While I was home, I registered for my classes. This September I will be taking:

    Intro to Religion
    Sex & Gender in a Cross Cultural Society
    College Writing

    4 little classes! I'm excited.. not sure how much work it will be, but I imagine it will definitely keep me busy! I was shocked though that one of the classes I really wanted to take was already filled by the 4th day that it was open (you can register over a 2 month period..I thought I was on top of things by registering 4 days after it opened!). I really wanted to take digital art and design, but I think I will jump right on that next semester. The first 2 years of school will be a majority of general education classes, so might as well get some of them out of the way anyway.

    That's all for now, I've been up since 4:30 am eastern time... (1:30 am Vancouver time!)


    posted by jamie @ 5:23 PM  
    • At 11:26 PM, June 05, 2007, Blogger Emily Deu said…

      the first two sound pretty interesting!

    • At 11:32 PM, June 05, 2007, Blogger j. oates said…

      yeah those classes sound fun. glad you had fun with your parents....

    • At 11:07 AM, June 06, 2007, Blogger Stu Bish said…

      Not that I see you a heap here, but I'm a bit sad you're leaving Vancouver.... Having said, that; I'm really glad you are going to University, I've NEVER regretted going. Well done.

      And I must see your husband and yourself before you leave us!

    • At 5:48 PM, June 06, 2007, Blogger Doris said…

      Well, I'm glad you're safely home from your Skybus experience. We sure enjoyed your visit and can't wait until we see you in August.

      Love, Mom (hey, this blog alert is great!)

    • At 11:15 AM, June 07, 2007, Blogger Bob said…

      So how was the Skybus experience? Your cousin Paul will be flying on Skybus to a wedding in Columbus in July. Anything about Skybus he should be aware of?

      Uncle Bob

    • At 9:16 AM, June 08, 2007, Blogger lindsey said…

      your classes sound awesome! i wish i could take them with you. i am so excited thinking about how excited you must be!

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