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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006
    Trick or Treat
    Tonight we had about 25 kids come to our door to get candy. It was so fun to see the little costumes, although i noticed that about half of the people that came were about 15...hmmm.. I bet if i put on a mask or something i could go around and get candy next year!

    Craig and I were hoping that we would have lots of candy left over, since we didn't really know how many kids were going to come..but as the night went on and our candy bowl emptied, we decided to put a sign on the door with about 6 peices left, saying we were out of candy... lol ... well, i mean, what if a group of 7 kids came, and then one wouldn't get candy? That wouldn't be very fair....

    Olivia came back in SVU tonight. The first half of the episode was great - seeing her under cover with the eco-terrorists.. but i found that as the show went on, it kept getting more and more unrealistic... i think they just tried to throw too many story lines in one show...all the while trying to make Liv the star of the show... It was okay, but i still think they should've kept going with the whole eco-terrorist thing. It would've been neat to see her bring them down and uncover some big plot..instead it turns out she was with the 'wrong' group the whole time.. weird...

    thoughts anyone?
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