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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006
    important matters
    Okay... i think it's time to discuss an important matter that i've been sitting on for a little while now. You see, i like shows. Not just any show though, in fact, i'm kind of particular. But when i find one that i like, i put my whole mind into it...

    So there are 2 different classes of shows for me. There are the entertaining shows that make me happy to see that they happen to be on while i am channel surfing, like; my super sweet 16, wifeswap (its not trashy!! common misconception people), friends, southpark, medium (not satanic - again, common misconception) and maybe a few more but none that pop out at me right now.

    More importantly though, are what i call "My shows". These are the ones that i choose to follow regularly, that if i miss an episode i will search for in on youtube, or read the synopsis on the web. These are the shows that i like to lose myself in for the hour they are on. Some of you may think i'm crazy, or weird, or 'obsessed'. I can only blame in on my mother. She's the same way.

    So here are My shows:
    1. Grey's Anatomy
    2. ER
    3. The Nine
    4. Law and Order: SVU
    5. Brothers and Sisters (actually this one is more like 'our show' as Craig really likes it... It makes my list only because we plan to watch it on sunday nights)

    Now, if you know me well, you might notice the odd order here. Yes, SVU is currently #4 on the list... and yes, that was not an accident or a slip of the finger. As hard as it was for me to do that, it just hasn't been all that great this season. And - it is also correct that Grey's Anatomy has stolen the #1 spot. Where did that come from, you might ask...? Well, i must admit that this show has won my heart. It's funny, entertaining, dramatic.. i like the characters and story lines..it's a good show.

    Anyway, those of you who have made it this long, i thank you. I just had to get that off my chest.


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